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Owned this for around 9 months now. I sold my Celica sold my Hilux and decided i still needed something to haul car parts.


I've wanted one for years and decided to finally get one. Buying a non Toyota still seems weird..


I bought it unrego-d, and needing a lot of work.


Best daily i've ever owned. Sticks with wrx's through corners, Picks up 4 mates from the pub and chucks good heli's.


Made 204atw on 8psi with no fmic and failing fuel pump. Currently waiting for my new front bar and eyelids to be sprayed.


Once something engine wise breaks. I'll throw on a t04z, Ecu and tune it to 350kw.


(has been lowered again since photo's)



97 Stagea RS4



Hi Flowed Turbo

Turbosmart Boost T - 13psi

iPracing Blow Off Valve (Wound Shut) Flutters like a VL

AeroFlow FMIC Kit

Walbro 255 Fuel pump

550cc Injectors

Spitfire Coilpacks

3" Turbo Back Exhaust

18x9 MR's 235/40s

BC Racing Coilovers all round

Modified Front Knuckles

Adjustable Rear Camber Arms

GTR Half Shafts

Front and Rear LSD's

S2 Tail lights.







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