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Preparing Ke70 to Almost Near to Stock Restore


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Hi, I'm From Pakistan...Love My Old Ke70, Now I'm Trying to Restore it to Stock Condition..Find Originals parts is most difficult in Pakistan but I get some parts here...now the car almost complete denting IMG_20171016_141838.thumb.jpg.f5b80f36f662616c18b916a2e221dbc5.jpg


There was a Problem in Fronts Lights..can not adjust correctly..So now I'm trying to find new lights complte.IMG_20171026_131936.jpg





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On 4 November 2017 at 5:13 AM, altezzaclub said:

Wow!  I've never seen a KE70 with power steering over here. They're so light in the steering I suppose Toyota didn't offer it.

How many bhp will you save it you take it out??  ..and are the steering arms shorter than a manual's, as they are on many cars??


Yes.Working Fine...no short same as original manual rack.....in Pakistan..too much ke70 having Power Steering...it's not hard to install it..its easy nd cheap also..

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