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Dabbled in roofing

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So my place had this terrible clear pretend iron that was ruined, leaking and just generally ready to explode in the next hailstorm.

I ripped it down, and replaced it with some proper iron, but not only that, when the clear was off it revealed a huge area of rust where it overlapped with the old iron, so I ended up fixing a 12x 2.2 metre of roof to make it all good again.  I still need to replace some guttering and a down pipe, but that's easy to do now the rest is done.

Why would you bother on a rental property?  Well the owner is a personal friend and he lets me do the maintenance on the place and charge him for it since I am a builder.

Now the cars wont get any moisture on them this summer and I can guarantee it will survive a hailstorm too.

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