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Jashy99's AE71/KE70 Drift Build


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So.. day one of owning this free AE/KE.

This thing is absolute filth, looks like its been sitting in a farm under a tree for atleast 5 years, a bathful of leaves and dirt built up in the engine bay, the interior is horrible, not to mention the 10 or so dead spiders laying in there, (also live ones wondering around).



My old mate got it as a donor car to finish off some bits and pieces on his Ksev panelvan.

.. So if he was going to scrap it, I might just make use of the shell!

I dragged the car around my driveway with the mighty 80 Series cruiser as it wouldnt even roll with its nicely bent front left LCA and shock (not to mention it wouldn't crank either).

Got it facing forward and towards my garage door so I can start working on it.


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So, now I can start working on it, despite the rain and it being a completely rooted shell, I was eager to get started.

I started off by removing the slant face front end, I will be replacing this with a flat face front later down the track when I get that nice whack pulled out of the lower radiator support.

Check out the image hosting links for the pictures as I can't upload directly to the thread, reaching the limit.


Then I got to work on removing the motor, my plans are to replace this with a 4AGE as soon as possible, the rain got harder so I hung a tarp up pegged to my garage door and the cars doors closed over it lmao.



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Next, I'm working on getting this gearbox pulled out, I had gone out to Sutherland and picked up some S13 LCAs and knuckles. Being a drift build I didn't mind going for S13 fronts as it won't be driven on the road. I have possibly S15 Calipers lined up soon enough, but this means i have to buy discs and redrill them to 4x114.3, oh well!


With the gearbox out I can give it a good clean with some degreaser and the pressure washer. I think I need to buy some safety glasses for this bloody build, I'm going to go blind with the amount of dirt falling into my eyes working under this thing.

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Now, with the gearbox and motor out I've started with the interior, I've had about 20 jump scares just cleaning the inside of this thing with the amount of spiders in there.

I'm stripping the interior as

1. It smelt like something was dead inside.

2. Old mate needed quite alot of bits for his Ksev van.

A quick cleaning of all the nasty rubbish inside and a vacuum for the peace of working in a semi-clean interior I started on pulling out the dash.

All the blower/heater components have been removed including the padding and foam on the firewall, then I re-installed the dash. Anything that wasn't necessary to have out at the track I removed, minus the pillar and door trims. I left the dash for ease of mounting a stock cluster and possibly a flat panel for a few switches later on.


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After that, I need this carpet gone.

I removed the front and rear seats, parcel shelf, and went to town stomping all the spiders hiding under the carpet.

I also emptied the boot and gave it a vacuum to get rid of all the loose dirt left over, now all I need is a bucket seat :P .


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I pulled out the brake booster to clean all the leaves and dirt build up trapped behind the shock tower, a great idea came into mind, I had a 1 Inch Honda master cylinder that I was going to use on my daily, I test fitted it with the stock booster and... to my suprise it bolted right in!

Just the night before I was searching for master cylinder bolt in options.

Now with the bay clean finally, i need to sort out my brake lines from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve. I'm thinking of ordering 2 steel braided hoses from ChaseBays and putting them in, instead of making my own hardlines.


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