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Ludo's Yellow KE70


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Haven't had a project car in while, a friend of mine picked this up 18months ago and went home shortly after buying it (we're Irish), it's been sat in another friend's yard since collecting dust so I gave him a phone call and asked how much he wanted for it and he said if I can have it in exchange for giving him a couch to crash on when he comes back over for a holiday!


So happy days, a free Ke70!


It's 1982, the paints well faded but overall its in decent nick for its age, counted 7 small patches off rust on it nothing to crazy. Interior is very good, and panels are all straight enough, just let down by how faded the paint is.


It's drives really well and runs brilliantly, the Plans are to swap a 4AGE into it over the next few weeks, possibly hammerite roller paint it if I can't bring the current paint back. Some deep rims and lows.


Any way here's a few photos for now. The middle pic is where we have found the rust, all off it is at the back around the taillights and one spot at the fuel cap. Started cutting and pulling the rust back so progress to follow! 







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Looks great!  The rust is just typical, always in those spots. Its certainly great value!

You're not going straight to a 3SGE with an Altezza half-cut? There's a strong Altezza club in Ireland, although I don't know how the import prices are. They're about $1850Euro here in Aussie.

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