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4age swapped corolla with carbs and stock ECU, wiring HELP needed

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Hello, i need help in regarding the 4AGE and stock ECU.

I am building an AE82 with 4AGE swap (it came stock with 4AC), but to make it a more simple and more fun, I am making it with bike carbs! But, as with all bike carb builds, the problem that needs to be solved is the ignition.

There are many options for ignition. But the path I want to try to take is using a stock 4age ECU. This is a much cheaper way and still gives you the timing advance that is needed for power. Some may suggest stand-alone ECU, but I don’t want to take this path, because it is expensive (at least for a college student) and I do not plan to make upgrades to the engine, to make it faster.

Background: I bought the AE82, the bloke I bought it from gave me, with the car, a 4AGE Bigport engine in parts, ECU and some wiring harnesses. The question some may have is why I don’t make a straight up 4age swap with the injectors e.c. simple – I do not have all the parts needed, many of the parts I have seem mega dodgy, will probably not work. Getting used 4age or ae82 parts is impossible, because I live in Eastern Europe. These cars where never sold brand new here, because of soviet union.

So the question is, what is needed for the ecu to power the ignition and what is needed to connect the ecu to the car.

After some digging in forums, I read that you need to connect the intake air temperature sensor IAT, throttle position sensor TPS and the MAP sensor (and of course the ignition coil and distributor, and I have all these sensors). Will the ECU work with only these 5 things?

And the next thing needed is to connect the ECU to the car. I plan to make a custom harness, because the harness I have is super dodgy. Wiring is ripped, some wirings cut and connected to other wires. For some reason, the black injector wires (blue for the ae86) are connected to each other. As in, the #10 pin wire and the #20 pin wire is connected. That can’t be stock right? Because when the ecu gives signal to the #10 wire to the 1st and 3rdinjector, the signal also travels to the 2nd and 4thinjector.

So the question is, what wires are needed to be connected to the ECU. For now, I have connected all the earth wires for the 10p connector, the start and run wire and the wire that goes to the igniton coil. And for the 18p connector I have connected the sensor wires for the MAP, TPS and IAT and the earth wires. There is no spark when turning the distributor with a high speed drill, when the battery is connected, so I take it that there are still wires, that need to be connected, for instance for the 14p connector?

My ECU pins from the wiring harness looks like this:

10pin connector

1. Earth

2. Black - injectors

3. Black /white w/ red dots - 12v from battery

4. -

5. -

6. Earth

7. Black - injectors

8. Black w/ red dots

9. Earth

10. White - 12v from battery

18pin connector

1. Black /w red dots

2. -

3. Red

4. Black

5. Black / yellow w/red dots

6. Blue / white

7. Yellow

8. Light green / red w/ red dots

9. White

10. Green / red w/ red dots

11. Red / white

12. Earth (no dots)

13. White

14. -

15. Black

16. Yellow w/ red dots

17. Red

18. Earth (blue dots)

14pin connector

1. -

2. -

3. -

4. Green / red w/ red dots

5. -

6. Red / white w/ blue dots

7. Black / red w/ rwd dots

8. Black w/ red dots

9. -

10. Purple / white w/ red dots

11. -

12. -

13. Red

14. Black / red w/ red dots

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Have you got wiring diagrams for it??  These-



I don't know much about the FWD models, but converting my KE70 to 4AGE I just tied together a lot of various wiring diagrams from the net until it eventually made sense.

4AGE ECU AE82 diag A.jpg

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