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How to use standard rod bearing caps - 4A-FE


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My Dear Friends,

I found my engine rod bearings caps worn and need to replace. Engine is in good condition and no need to use repair version of bearing caps. So I am going to replace existing rod bearing caps with standard ones. But I have one problem. Toyota has produced three standard rod bearing caps as marked 1,2 and 3.  Each type is different from few micrometers. So we need to replace old bearing cap with new one which should be always similar to the old one number. Toyota has discontinued them producing. Third party manufacturers (like TAIHO)  only produce one standard type and they do not have 1,2 and 3 as such. Will I be able to use this third party bearing cap without considering OEM mark? 

I am attaching herewith are the photos of my old OEM bearing caps which have the mark. In my case only marks 1 and 2 were there.

Then also at last I have attached the standard bearing cap which is common to all 1,2 and 3. 

Have you experienced this kind of a problem or aware ? Id so could you please let me know it is okay to use the third party bear cap?




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It’s fine to use aftermarket, but you are going to need to measure accurately to decide which oversize bearing you need, and also consider whether your crankshaft needs resizing. 

And they are bearings, not bearing caps

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