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KE55 Coupe rear quarter vent delete

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Hi All,

First post after re joining. Had an old account when I had my KE36 Pano years back.


I recently got myself a KE55 Fastback Coupe project that will need some rust work. There is a bit off rust on one of the Rear quarter vents. Personally I've never liked the look of the boxy and oversized rear vents. And never really understood the function of them, i'm assuming its because the tank is in the boot. 

I was hoping anyone has welded and smoothed this vent area as id love to see what it looks like.

Also I understand the point of keeping the car original, I would if it was being kept stock, however its going Sr20 so might aswell personalize it to my tastes. I'm just wondering if its too much of a defining feature of the car to remove.

Thanks all,

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Hi Mark,

               Welcome back ! 

I figure you are talking about these vents ?

image.png.4359a7b73eadf59bf84ecd06a7e0ff90.pngI figure you are talking about 

 Depending how bad the rust/cancer is, you can only improve the strength in this area, by welding a piece of sheet metal, over the exposed holes, depending on how far back, around the hole, you have to cut, to rid yourself of the rust. Venting the boot, depends on how the existing tank is vented. Later model KEs had a vent line that went right back to the engine, with a little plastic valve, before it fed into the air cleaner.

However, early KEs, just had a line that went up into the roof almost, (to prevent siphoning), before the pipe just dropped down to under the rear of the car, to atmosphere.

I had a KE55 Coupe 1979 vintage, & the area, I'd me more concerned with, is the metal between the rear & side windows.  This is a crucial part of the KE55 Coupe's body work, as being of pillarless construction, it relies on that area between the roof & lower body, for rigidity.  Toyota, rightly placed about 4-5 layers of metal in this area, to provide extra strength, but it was raw unprimed, unpainted metal.  It is very prone to rust, when water creeps in, through the rear glass rubbers; particularly down at the bottom corners.  Unfortunately, this is an area you cannot readily inspect. 


1979 Ke55 Coupe   R.I.P.

I remember when I cut my KE55 coupe up, to sell the rear floor area for a wide rear wheel mod, I was horrified, when I cut the roof off in this area. 

Don't know how you can really check this are out.  Maybe, place the car on a flat concrete  pad, & jack each front corner of the car up, one at a time, as high  as you can go, to create some torsional twist in the body.  Maybe,  someone could put their ear to this area in the rear upper quarters, & listen to hear whether there are any not so nice noises, as a result.

Others, on here, may care to share their views on this "dark area" of our beloved Rollas.

Cheers  Banjo








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