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Its an excellent idea, they make no noise as they never come on and release more bhp for the wheels as there is no parasitic drag.

You will need a radiator hose fitting or similar to carry a thermoswitch, a fan, (I get mine from the wrecker) a relay and I included an LED to show it is on and a manual switch on the dash.

You'll have to make your own brackets to mount whatever fan you get, and if you want to do a lot of work you can mount the relay inside the KE70 box, or just put a relay beside the radiator.

I'll draw up a wiring diagram-  hang on..

E fan fitted top.jpg

J relay fitted.jpg

L fan wiring done.jpg

With the K motor I had a thermoswitch in the thermostat housing. When I fitted a 4AGE I went to a separate t'switch housing in the radiator hose.

Pick a thermoswitch from the Tridon manual, they open at various temperatures and have varies wiring setups. I used a TFS 111 and we've used a similar one with two wires.
Don't forget to have the radiator hose adapter fit the diameter of your hose, (modern cars are smaller) and the thermoswitch must fit the thread in the adapter or the 4K t'stat housing.
Ok, wired like this-  Permanent power to the relay on the switched positive, so make sure this is a bulletproof wire as its always live. You could put a 30amp inline fuse in it. It goes to the fan from the output side of the relay and the fan goes to earth.
Ignition power to the switching side positive of the relay, it powers the relay switch when you turn the key on.  The output side of the relay switch goes to the thermoswitch, and nothing happen until the water hits 95deg.  At that point the 'normally open" thermoswitch closes, power flows from the relay switch through the thermoswitch to earth, and the relay turns on. Then the alty power runs the fan and goes to earth.
The manual switch is an option, I flick it on at roadworks when I'm on a trip at 100kph as I can get cooling the radiator before it hits 95deg.  In theory, not needed.
The fan is only needed up to about 25kph, as airflow is then greater, so it only does anything when you're sitting still in traffic.


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