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Hi Col,

            Welcome aboard !   If you use the search feature up at the top of the screen on Rollaclub, you'll find numerous articles about this subject, often related to changing out the front struts to Corona ones, with various brake disc & caliper options.  Plenty of reading there.  


I personally, went a slightly different track, & used Celica RA40 struts.  Adjustable T3 top bearings, & Cresida, caliper & dics, from two different year models.


Then you need to upgrade the master cylinder to suit, so your force needed, on your RH foot, is not so great.  (Mitsubishi Pajero)


When searching, you'll come across a post, I put up here years & years ago, with how I did it.




My KE-30 brake upgrade has been wonderful, & it has always stopped well, since upgrade, & is very light on disc pads.


Your KE-55 should have 9 inch brakes already,on the rear, unlike the KE-30, that had 7 inch only. 


Give us a yell, if you have any specific questions or queries, once you've sifted  through the numerous posts.


Cheers Banjo

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