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KE 35 1976-1979 color code.

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Hello everyone. I wasn't able to find the right category to post this, therefore requesting the admins to direct my post where it belongs.

I am restoring a 1976 KE-35 and the body work is almost complete. I was browsing through different colors that Toyota had back in the day and "Dark Green Metallic" caught my attention. Even though different websites have the color listed, unfortunately there is no color code for that color. There is one "Green metallic" listed as 684 but it is slightly lighter than the color I am looking for.

Any leads will be appreciated.


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Welcome Aboard !  Any decent & reputable auto paint supplier, who you give a code like 684 to; will be able to make it look a little darker to your specific requirements.

Are you having the KE-35 professionally painted, or doing it yourself ?  If professionally, then any good spray painter will also be able to modify the mix to your exact requirements, if you provide the 684 code, & advise you want it a little bit darker.

Let us know how you go, & progress, & please post some pics of your resto KE-35.

Cheers Banjo

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