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Panelbeating Start



Got the sprinter taken away to be panelbeated just this Wednesday.


Getting the driver side door actually repaired instead of replaced!

Much happier with that, rather than chucking a new one on. Keeps a slight bit more originality. (Not that I'm going for that with this build :P)


So, for the door, the front two guards, and the stonetray, is all sitting at $1500. We'll also be getting a quote on getting the rest of the exterior straightened out, and in primer. So if all goes well and I get a quote within budget, I'll be bringing it home covered in grey primer, or even better with a full spray job! -- We're gonna go with red again, I imagine I'll just ring CO-OP TOYOTA to get the original colour of the red for the respray.


Have a desire to do an engine conversion, 4age, 4agze, 3tgte, 3tc or maybe even a rotary??? 12A, 13B,

main goal being power. I don't know about a rotary, as I don't want to be constantly doing rebuilds etc, but you can pack a lot of power into a small engine with a rotary, and the Sprinter is dead tiny, so it'll probably end up being the most FAST motor, but it miiiight be overdoing it. As of yet, no serious plans, but pondering around what motor to chuck in it (ONE DAY). For now though, leaving the little 4K in her and focusing on getting it ROADWORTHY AND REGISTERED. That's the main goal as of now.


Eventually, when I'm older and have the funds I'll want to do the engine conversion. But, maybe that's a stupid teenager phase that I'll grow out of. But, whether it is or not, you can't deny that a 300+ horsepower car that weighs next to nothing is a cool concept. Especially with those good looks of a KE15.


Still need to track down some mags, but the panelbeating will set my funds back a fair way I imagine, so that can wait.


dead keen to get this beauty going!


Yet again, having trouble posting pics.


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