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Update 26/9/2016

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Righto, fair bit of catching up to do in this blog!


Been a fair bit happening since last update.



The car has been moved to my dad's place, where we have much better tools and a more appropriate workspace. Despite the abundance of STUFF laying around the garage, we've managed to fit the car in. It's a good thing it's only a small car! -dad's also a carpenter, so you can imagine the amount of gear that's in the garage, haha.


Since the car has been moved;


Removal of remaining chrome trim, quarter windows, door panels, badges, windscreen wipers, etc.

Pretty much everything that needs to be taken off to spray, has been taken off.

Yet to remove windscreens.


Purchased new rubbers from ebay for doors, windows, boot and windscreens.


Paint stripping of roof and right hand rear side.


Sanding down a large portion of the car, next up is inside the door frames of the shell, and inside of the doors themselves.


It probably wasn't mentioned earlier in the blog, but both of the doors had seen better days where the latch is fitted. Driver side door had cracks, passenger side had nasty botched welds. Both doors were repaired recently and are ready to be sanded and sprayed.


Nothing in the way of engine work yet. Still on boring old bodywork :/



Plan to repair my widened steelies that I got with the car originally, but will be waiting on funds, so potentially after the car has been registered and roadworthy etc.


Starting to get the ball rolling after a good three years and almost four months of.... not.


I get my P's march 7, 2017. We are hoping to have the car registered by then,



Fingers crossed. Wish us luck!

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