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  1. 20V 4Age Turbo Unfinished

    Sorry about the late reply it should hold 300kw
  2. 4age 20v st Currently not finished Spool con rods CP low comp pistons sitting at 8.4 to 1 Arp head bolts, flywheel bolts and mains Mrp girdle Toda cam gears Custom billet cams made by clive cams Supertech valves and springs Head has been debered and combustion chambers done to stop pre destination Toyota water pump New harmonic balancer Fully balanced And have the standard loom and most of the standard parts Maybe missing some stuff that i can't remember. It was built by Danny at dlr engines in hasting All up this motor cost me about 9500 Price 5000 Located dromana vic
  3. R31 Skyline Diff

    For sale $550 r31 skyline diff with ke70 mounts comes with 3.08 Centre and rotors has no lines or calipers pick up from dromana, morngton peninsula 3936
  4. Shed Clean Out

    For sale st141 front struts converted to coilovers Koni inserts with Unknown sleeve kit and 275lb king springs. Also comes with adjustable lca just missing 1 spacer cost 1800 and never been used looking for $800 4age arp main studs New $160 Ae71 gaurds a couple of small dints in yellow $20 the pair 20v St extractors $40 20v St stock cams $40 20v St standard pistons and conrods $50 20v St plentium $20 located dromana 3936
  5. Hi I am cleaning out my shed to make some much needed room Located dromana vic Ae101 front seats $50 Ae101 rear seat $50 C56 gearbox good condition $200 W57 gearbox good condition with tail shaft $200 sold Ae82 2 1/4 exforce exhaust with extractors to suit 20v had small hole in muffler $50 20v silvertop 4age M/T ecu $30 16v big port 4age M/T ecu $30 4age big port in bits had cleaned block and has been handed and faced the marks on the block face is masking tape sold
  6. Wrecking Ae82

    Na sorry only has an aftermarket one
  7. Wrecking Ae82

    Complete ae82 minus gearbox, engine, front seats and wheels part from that it has exforce exhaust with extractors, full ae101 front end with lowered Lovell springs.
  8. W57 For Sale Price Drop

    I'm not sure what bellhousing is on it and i would prefere not to post
  9. W57 For Sale Price Drop

    As stated i am located in dromana victoria
  10. W57 For Sale Price Drop

    Bump would take $200
  11. w57 for sale with tail shaft to suit ke70 Unknown condition $250 Located dromana pics up tomorrow