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  1. For sale brand new techno toy tuning adjustable strut tops. $210 ono posted anywhere in Australia Located in Townsville.
  2. Here's the engine bay with new radiator and intercooler in place.
  3. I am after a radio blanking plate from an early model ke10. I am willing to pay good money for this part if anyone has one they are willing to sell. I may also consider a factory radio but would prefer the blanking plate.
  4. Just wondering if anyone can help me I have fitted a 4agze (from an 88 mr2) to a 67 ke10 and now I want to start fitting an a/c system. What I need to know is how to wire in the engine idle up there are two inputs that I can see which are ELS2-from idle up diode & A/C-From A/C amplifier. I'm not sure which ones to use or what the input voltages are.
  5. Have cash waiting.
  6. Hopefully someone can help me out am after some 67 KE10 front seats and a radio blanking plate. I am located in Townsville.
  7. Yeah they are the ke20 kit. I got the 5kg for a ke10 but am now fitting ae86 gear so I don't need them. Make me an offer if you are keen save yourself some dollars.
  8. For sale techno toy tunining weld-on ground control front coil over kit for KE corollas. Brand new. I have two kits avaliable one with 6kg springs and one with 5kg springs. I paid $199 plus postage will sell for $190 a kit and pay for the postage anywhere in Australia. Located in Townsville.
  9. Yeah just used a cloth but my lenses were pretty good under the surface.
  10. This was the lense before I polished it.
  11. NOS brake/reverse lense and about 15 minutes polishing the indicator lense with autosol alluminium polish and then meguiars hi-tech yellow wax. Lens came up like new.
  12. Thanks guys I've got a few sets of lights here I might experiment on and see what gives me the best result.
  13. Hey guys just wondering what your experiences are restoring dull tail lights. I've read a few different things you can do which is to sand them progressively smoother and clear coat them or use a tail light dye. Thanks
  14. I'm really after something that doesn't require shortening and won't break easily
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