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  1. mate all i have to say is wow, i have always wondered how my car would go if it was RWD not sure where you are thinking of going with this project but i think i have seen your thread on evolutionoz, plenty of ideas on there yeh evo motors exhaust, intake, boost controller, fuel pump and tune nets about 300hp atws - madness
  2. ah cheers just been doing some reading up on wiki, should be easier than i thought,
  3. sebs_evo7

    Hey Guys

    hi guys not sure if this is correct section so feel free to delete, anyways I'm seb from the hills perth, I'm after a AE92-94 hatch (correct me if I'm wrong) with a 4AGE conversion, i have been trawling the car sales for ages and thought a better bet would be to try the corolla car forums. What i want to use the car for: -fit a bike rack to the back (cringe) so i can take my bike out for trail rides because i don't want to fit one to my current daily drive -also living up in the hills i want to take it out bush with a set of steelies with rally tires to practice up for BORSMA rally, only recently discovered this event and have competed a few times in my evo however you can't enter the season with an AWD car anyways I'm looking at 3k for the car? not sure if this is a correct price range? any help or guidence you guys have would be really appreciated. My first car was an AE 94 sedan i think with a 2.5in straight throught exhaust and a crazy rally note and i have always wanted another to have fun with and mod myself, pretty handy with a spanner, are the motors fairly straight forward? say maybe no harder to work on than a 4G63? anyways cheers guys
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