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  1. Many years have passed, multiple attempts at giving up and even listing it for sale but no one else was serious enough to finish it. Alot of work down, so very close to turning the key
  2. Auto manual doesn't matter, need one asap Brisbane preferred, pls pm me
  3. wanted KE20 and KE30 pedal box's, auto/manual doesnt matter will consider getting them posted reply or pm me
  4. Hi guys sorry I havent checked this page in a while and don't seem to be getting email notifications anymore. Have fixed this now, still making these kits
  5. Over a year and its just been sitting in the corner getting dusty and cobwebs. Making excuses that I'm too busy etc. Decided to make a switch to a vvti version Hilux diff is almost in and can measure up for tailshaft as soon as its in
  6. I sell bolt in 3RZ to KE70 kits, no firewall/tunnel mods
  7. Do you still have the mount kit for the 3sge beams into an ae86?

  8. Still making kits, if interested pm me. 13b kits doable but requires tunnel work for all ke20,30 and 70
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