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  1. cheers mate seen these ones they're nice but shes picky but will keep looking and hopefully something overrated turns up hey
  2. one can dream i just knew the automatic ones arent as popular if anyone has a rolling shell with trim in all right condition id pay a thou for that
  3. Hey all just chasing a 4 door ke 20 30 or 55 must be auto missus wants a classy reliable car so were getting a rolla willing to pay 1k without rego or 1.5k with rego any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. yeah i forgot that the 4age already come out rwd i thought the 4afe would be a cheaper conversion forgot about the dizzy and the water outlet anyone know where to find the cheap age rwd motors.
  5. hey all looking into doing up a ke70 what mods apart from the obvious ( engine mounts, throttle body and wiring harness) is there. Also list of possible gearboxes manual and auto that are rwd that would bolt upto a 4afe with minimal fuss. All help would be much appreciated jimbo
  6. Hey all i just recently got a 93 corolla hatch and was wondering if any one would know if there is any other rolla models that i might be able to swap the front seats out of with out any customising cheers.
  7. regretfully selling my 69 ke10 due to need a family car .eg four door selling for $500 ono whole car stripped all parts including 2 sets of rims 2 whole interior sets 2 motors and one gear box 2spd toyoglide looking for quick sale if interested cotact me on 0406245660 may consider trade for ke70 cheers
  8. sorry mate can't seem to upload them but theyre pretty much new and at the momment would settle for 250 cash if your keen cheers
  9. Hey I'm looking to sell my centreline dragways theyre 205/60 r13s they are a bit dirty but cleanable. All up cost me $700 for the tread and mags brand new tread just chasing $400 if your interested pm me or you can call me on my mobile 0449886024 cheers
  10. hey sam mate i looked through the faq and tryed the search bar and found nothing. so i was wondering on your link any articles in particular. cheers
  11. hey i was just wondering if anyone could tell me how do you turn the fwd 4age into a rwd motor? and would it be possible to do this to a starlet gt turbo motor as i was thinking it would go alright in a 69 rolla and i don't think it has been done yet have they. cheers
  12. true i thought so you don't suppose a ke70 motor conversion would be "p plate friendly" at all due to power to weight and stuff.
  13. hey I'm a new member and I'm really stuck as i have to change my 69 corolla to an auto so the missus can drive it too. at the momment i have a 5 spd in it can any one name any gearboxes i could use cheers.
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