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  1. At the risk of getting in trouble, ke70dave, the reason I haven't contacted him directly is due to two things: 1, the car is posted here in the "cars for sale" section, so what's wrong with asking for more info etc right here? And 2, as stated it made no sense as to why an apparently black top 20v had an afm in the engine bay, unless it was a: not a bt but an st, or b, someone who had no idea what the hell they had, or what the hell they were doing had done the conversion. I'm down in tassie, and I'm not flying around the country to look at several different $3500 range cars to look at them all in detail, so I stayed away from something that without a description looked "dodgy" or like it would be trouble. Since learning on this fine forum post the reason for said afm being there, I decided that it could be worth looking into so I requested more info from the gentleman directly on his for sale add.
  2. We'll, I've been looking at 92 coupes and this has caught my eye on another site, the only reasons I've not looked at buying it were the afm on a blacktop 20v and the p plate, seemed like maybe it was owned and modded by a young guy with no clue on what he was doing. But if it's all legit and done properly, can you pm me some more info on the car, factory options it has etc, location
  3. Hi all, not sure if anyone can help as it's fwd and not all that common, but I really want an ae92 sprinter saloon gt, series two. I can find one in nz but I don't know how to import cars and no one seems to think I can bring it in due to it being post 89. Can someone give me details of someone who may bring it in and comply it? Or does anyone know of any that are already here in Australia? If so location or sellers details? If it turns out that I just can't bring it in no matter what, and there aren't any here, I'd happily buy an early ae92 fx-gt, so if anyone knows of one of those for sale, could you please provide details. My number is 0427722495, call or text or pm me here. I'll offer a finders fee of $200 to anyone who can find me one of either car here in Australia (any state in aus is fine) and currently for sale as long as the full details of the car and sellers contact details can be provided. Please help!! Cheers
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  5. Yup, well I got sick of people stuffing me around, sending shit loads of photos, getting shipping quotes, I even offered to drive it to Melbourne, then I just never heard back from people. Very sad I know, but I had to sell it as my land lord said I had too many cars (3) so, no one bought it so it went to heaven. My te71 is about to do the same as my sister says it has to leave her back yard asap
  6. Has map sensor, got a brand new one but made no difference. Will suggest tps and vaccine leak to him on Monday
  7. Cool I'll have a look this afternoon when I go check on the car, yeah fair point, he is good, but spends most of his time on fiats, lancias, alfas etc. cheers for the advice
  8. Hi all, have an issue with the rolla, will start and idle, but as soon as you put any revs on it, it gets " chocked" and almost does. Has new plugs, new fuel filter, exhaust isn't blocked, tried a new map sensor, new air filter, just won't go past 2k. Left me stranded on my way to work yesterday. Couldn't even drive it onto a car trailer as I said it chocked itself one you aply power. My mechanic doesn't seem to think its the fuel pump, but he has no idea what the problem is. Help please?!!
  9. $1000. C'mon, surely someone out there wants an e70 panno and isn't a stinggy tight ass. Also if your in tassie you can organise to come look at it if you want to see more, sick of being messed around and sending so many text pics, only to not hear back from people.
  10. Hey, it was last rego'd in 09 so would need a roadworthy cert. the only things it really beads for that are wheels/tyres and check over everything like lights horn etc to make sure it all works, though depending on what state the buyer was in they may or may not need a mod plate for the 4ac. It's quite a solid van that just needs finishing
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