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  1. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    thanks champ there has been countless hours spent on this! ill update when i get more progress :D
  2. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    ok so so much progress last 4 weeks! ill let the photos do the talking! from new forged engine, clutch, front coilovers, shaved engine bay ect so exited for the next few weeks with the new ecu getting wired in and alot of other finishing off things its that one step closer :D
  3. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    Thanks man I'm also getting lighter tint on the windows so the wheels don't look so dark and stand out more
  4. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    So have my wheels and steam pipe manifold wrapped and sprayed in hi temp silicone spray to resist against oil dirt ect sticking to the heat wrapping and my new knuckles ☺
  5. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    Thanks matt there was sooo many hours in that bay! Could of been more but how far do you go. Love the wheel tubs and towers so smoooth 😊 Full credit to my man brad clark with his small buisness static customs panel and paint down here in tassie. Such a perfectionist Oh bugger i thought I put one up was in a rush will attatch one now.. yeah so much happier with intercooler hidden 😁 So the brakes are from my old set up which was ra40 struts with a ford 285mm disc with r32 4 pot caliper and all I done was put a weld in bc br gold coilover jn it with 8kg springs I also got a new knuckle ao I can get more lock 😉 ideally id like a different set up as the stub axel is really long and sticks outside the wheel and the cap can't cover it. But I spent to much to change.
  6. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    Sorry for the delay but ginally have a few photos of the new engine bay,new forged engine,gt3071r,10 inch clutch, intercooler relocation and new grill and lights, some new wheels and coilovers in the front. More progress in months to come!!Let me know your thoughts cheers
  7. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    hey everyone so the last 6-9 moths stuff has finally got serious!!! from front coilovers, knuckles, shaved enginebay and remavable front, and intercooler moved behind grill, new rear brake caliper setup, new wheels and also a full forged engine! to name a few things. i havnt had much time between working to fund this and working on it myself so ill try and put some photos up of my progress when i can
  8. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    hey guys along time between drinks again but I'm finally making progress with my corolla again consisting of intercooler re fitment new new grille, new pipe work new ecu hopefully coilovers in the front (pending on $$$) more body work and the engine coming out to shave n tidy up the engine bay also new wheels and rear calipers some progress has been made but will put up sneak peek photos soon as more starts happening! watch this space 😃
  9. 75' Ke30 S15 Sr20 Conversion

    Yeah gettin them redrilled atm ... What speed? Not sure don't have a speedo lol
  10. 75' Ke30 S15 Sr20 Conversion

    I'm going back to 4 stud so I'm changing full set up to s13 also I've got 4:11 gears in my rolla they seem bit high I had 3.5 before that which seemed little low. Would 3.7 or 3.9 be better? With 4:11 up the 1/4 mile it taps out just before the line.. That's why I thought 3.9 just to make that extra distance thoughts??
  11. 75' Ke30 S15 Sr20 Conversion

    I'm going back to 4 stud so I'm changing full set up to s13
  12. 75' Ke30 S15 Sr20 Conversion

    I have ea falcon rear disc n calipers on my hilux diff If your interestested in buying the set up off me as I'm going a different way now.. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread :)
  13. Hey after a better front steering strut steering set up? I have a celica set up at the moment with bigger disc and r32 caliper conversion on it and want to maintain that set up as it cost me fair bit so I've done some reasearch and can get a coil over set up where I can lathe the strut tube off the bottom nuckle piece and simply weld it in.. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of or done a good set up? Also had rear leaves redone flipped leaf and tramp leave added its really shit ride is there anything to soften this up? I'm all ears Any info would be greatly appreciated cheers johnnyt
  14. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    Woulda been a while back prob around a year n a bit ago probably was it mate yeah was a shitty mustard yellow before I painted it.. Yeah pretty good numbers hoping to get bit quicker with a few changes I'm doing in the near future =) what did your rolla get down the strip?
  15. Johnnyt's Sr20Det Ke30

    It was 119 mph n 192 kph :)