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  1. Doesn't anyone want a ke25 coupe? Had a couple of enquiries ... But no one following through yet...
  2. Can a mod put the price in the heading to $3500 Cheers
  3. There are some more pics guys.. That's the only rust spot I could find.. Not much t all.
  4. Make an offer folks.. Not stripping for parts.. Sold complete with everything
  5. Hey guys I'm selling the corolla 1974 ke25 3k with 2 speed auto All original running gear. Comes with a list of things fixed up like breaks, break lines, master cylinder, strut inserts, door seals, full on major service. Pretty much at roadworthy condition just needs new windscreen.. Sold as is no roady and no reg. Comes with a sc14 supercharger, with mounting brackets and extractors. It's on eBay at the minute too. As I wan it gone and won't let it go for nothing and I won't strip it for parts so no asking for parts or I'm happy to hold onto it until the right buyer comes along. But I do want it to go to that right person as it is a great car and runs great! Asking for $5500 with everything Located in mornington area in Vic Pm me for details on the car
  6. Expressions Of Interest Ke25 2Door

    He mate I'll jump on computer tomorrow morning, there is a tiny little bubble in the bottom of drivers door or quarter apart from that havnt found Anything else.
  7. Expressions Of Interest Ke25 2Door

    Cheers mate but I don't know what I want for it, and let alone what it's worth to someone...
  8. Expressions Of Interest Ke25 2Door

    Cheers mate but I don't know what I want for it, and let alone what it's worth to someone...
  9. Expressions of interest Selling my 1974 ke25 coupe Roady condition minus windscreen change. Body has a couple dings but interior is immaculate, and runs great 3k 2 speed.. All original. With sc14 supercharger and extractors. With bunc of spares. Offers considered.. No time to finish it and no funds lol Changed front strut inserts, all break lines, master cylinder, front and rear whole break assemblies, full on engine clean up and service, No roady and no reg. In Victoria
  10. Ke25 Indicator/highbeam Switch

    cheers mate do they make them new?
  11. hey guys need one asap, last hold up for roady and shes stuffed.. highbeam switch doesnt work, too much abuse from the granny. so after one from someone who has one or is wrecking a ke25
  12. Ke30 Cooling Problems!

    Mine in the ke25 3k was all over the place, I fitted after market gauges and she not seems to be running and working normally, sits between quarter and half 90% of the time but does rise slightly in traffic
  13. Cheers mate, I have had a look at making a few things, but it will just end up duct taped lol I can't weld..