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  1. TOYOTA COROLLA KE70 GT DOHC headlight kit, second hand, all parts are original from factory. Those who seek to stay guaranteed are not disappointed. http://m.ebay.com/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-KE70-GT-DOHC-Headlight-Very-rare-Free-Shipping-/322518638312?nav=SELLING_ACTIVE
  2. Next item is a titanium twin end exhaust. 2.3 "I ordered a specially made for Toyota ke70.
  3. cusco 116 471 A cusco 116 471 B
  4. Cusco 116 473 A Pillowball Tension Rod Front Levin/Trueno AE86
  5. The next item is a wheel with tires, I chose the SSR MK-3 wheels. Front Wheel Style 15 × 7.5J +19 Tire AD08 195 / 50R15 Rear Projection 15 × 8J -0 Tire AD08 205 / 50R15
  6. The next item is watt link of SSWork. From Japan By the pros Normal of the undercarriage, hard coil, general coil, time it collapses - stretch It will sweep to the bend. It will cause the shaft to move its left-right side along its sweep. But Watt's link, it will keep the shaft does not move the left-right side better. In the short-term collapse, it will hardly move at all. Improved access to the curve. The disadvantages are only tight. Is very high maintenance
  7. KTS front shock absorber with FC3S brake kit, which I assembled face shocks to fit into the daily use. And brake discs to be used as a mini R53 plate size 276 × 22 mm.
  8. ยี่ห้อ: WATANABE R-Type รุ่น PCD: 4x114.3 เส้นผ่าศูนย์กลาง / กว้าง / ชดเชย: 14 x 8.5 -6/14 x 9.5 -12. สภาพ: มีรอยขีดข่วนและรอยถลอกบนภาพ. ที่อยู่: Thailand ยินดีที่จะจัดส่งทั่วโลก . จัดส่งภายใน 1-3 วันทำการหลังจากได้รับการชำระเงินของ เวลาการจัดส่งเป็น 45-60 วันจากประเทศไทย, ผลิตภัณฑ์ของเรามีการจัดส่งโดยแคนาดาและหมายเลขการติดตาม. ราคา: US $ 1,800 การชำระเงิน: PAYPAL ราคาไม่รวมค่าจัดส่ง Price negotiable
  9. I'm sorry I went down the wrong currency And I have resolved Sorry for the mistake Price 1700 USD
  10. Brand: SSR MK3 model PCD: 4x114.3 Diameter / width / offset: 15 x 8 + -0 / 15 x 8 -12. Condition: There are scratches and abrasions on the image. Location: Thailand Willing to ship worldwide. Delivered within 1-3 working days after receipt of payment. Delivery time is 45-60 days from Thailand, our products are shipped by Canada and the tracking number. Price: $ 1,200 Payment: PAYPAL . Prices do not include shipping.
  11. Speed ​​Star Racing (SSR). Format: mk3 PCD: 114.3 Type, size 13x8 offset - 12 1 pair Located in Thailand 640 (USD) price does not include shipping. / Shipping worldwide 100 (USD) / payments via PayPal.
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