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  1. Cheers mate, ordered the Techno Toy Tuning camber tops and hats, exactly what I was after.
  2. Hi team, I've read through a heap of forums regarding putting AE86 struts into '82 KE70 but I can't find anything definitive about the strut tops. I have a complete set of AE86 coilovers and power steering arms. I know I can't use AE86 strut tops because of castor issues, so can I just put my KE70 strut tops onto my AE86 coilovers or will that create some kind of other issues with the camber? If there happens to be a issue with the camber is there any adjustable camber tops with the correct bolt pattern and castor position that will fit the layout of '82 KE70? If I can just use my original KE70 tops that'll save bit of hassle. Cheers
  3. I have a smallport 4age and I am in the process of fitting it with twin 45 carbs and putting it in my ke70. I've read up a fair bit about the ignition setup but havent found any info about why I can't use my stock smallport dizzy with an msd setup, why can you only use a bluetop or a modified 4k dizzy? I have a smallport dizzy but haven't been able to find any bluetop dizzies anywhere. Any aftermarket ones around? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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