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  1. I've wanted to replace the stock radio for a long time. So guages it is. It bolts on to the radio brackets. Just a shame the hole in the dash isn't quite big enough to accommodate them. It's CNC plasma cut, so let me know if you want one.
  2. Hi, I have a 180B nikki carburetor to suit a hot 3k, 4k or 5k. I have had this carb running on my stock 5k. It was responsive and economical with much better top end than with a stock carb. Unlike an Aisan carb it is able to be rejetted. It comes with an almost complete spare carb of the same type, a custom throttle cable bracket and a stock 180b air cleaner cut to suit a ke35 engine bay. It bolts directly up to the stock manifold without any adaptor plate. In my opinion a nikki carb provides superior carburation to a 32/26 Webber on these small engines with greater tune ability than stock. $150. I don't know what the diff is off, but it bolts directly up to a KE3x so would be ideal for keeping your car rolling while working on the diff or doing paint. It is a BW and has a 4x110 stud pattern and comes with 2 wheels. $30 neg. I have a set of 4 multifit 15x8 rims for sale. they are all in good condition, but lack center caps. They currently have 195/50r15 tyres on them all of which have just legal tread on them. One has a puncture. I don't know what their worth, $200 (open to offers). Located Karana Downs, Brisbane. Please call or text 0413284038 Diesel/oil pump 12v heavy duty. $10
  3. Mate that sounds great. I have some parts, is there anything youre looking for?
  4. Hi I find myself in significant need of a good condition KE30/KE55 radiator. I am located in Karana Downs. Please call me on 0413284038.
  5. Rego runs out on the 27th of this month
  6. You are right. The more I think about it the more stupid it seems. Particularly as the end of the exhaust must be angled downwards (not upwards at the same angle as the body for about a foot as I had visulized). But you are wrong on one count, the exhaust only bust exit behind the rearmost door and the rearmost join in the floor pan. Thanks for your input.
  7. I have often thought about having a completely separate exhaust pipe for each cylinder. Has any one done this? A quick google search returned nothing. Any comments, thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Would it be legal to have them exit to the sides in front of the rear wheels? PS, I'm thinking of doing this on my tow car (202 Kingswood ute) not the rolla. PSS, I'm not looking for any performance gain
  8. 3K and 2X K40 $50 each The 3K doesn't have a working carb, but it runs very well doesnt smoke/use oil or water. The K40s are in good condition one is painted black, both have the ke30 shifter position. I have other stuff, might list some later. Located Karana Downs
  9. Hi, up for sale is a Ae93 seca It has a recently professionally reconditioned 4AFE that runs very well. The car was resprayed a year ago in white. The interior is in good condition. This was supposed to be a quick project for me but it has taken ages an I am now in need of money quickly. It is almost complete, all that need to be done is the spoiler needs to be sickaflexed and bolted on, one of the spoiler end parts needs to be sanded and painted and I don't have a key for the boot lock so that would need repacing. If you have time on your hands this car would be well worth looking at as you could easilly make $500 to $1000 off this car. I just don't have the time. Make a great daily, family car. $900 ono. Located Karana Downs Please call 0413284038
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