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  1. Hey guys my name is nathan I have gone and bought a ke30 4 door I bought it a little bit banged up but it has no rust, It had a small front end accident due to it being stolen and recovered I paid $1000 for it interior is average had brand new tyres and a months rego. I ended up buying a parts car witch cost $250 I got grill , front end , chrome bars, uncracked dash, another set of new tyres,fuel tank boot enclosure,exhaust as the 1 I had is stuffed, the diff as mine had its day . Car is away atm get panel work and getting painted candy apple red witch cost me $4000 Near future mods Bc br series Coilovers Strut brace Adjustable strut top mounts Bigger sway bar Hilux diff conversion with 5 stud disc and drum setup 5 stud+ big brack upgrade Hopper stoper kit Mini tub Streeter show wheels Reset leafs upgraded rear shocks Decent Sterio Custom Interior ultralite autometer dash Further down the track I'm keen to do the 4g63t conversion runing a t56 gearbox with bills fab bellhousing adaptor and a few other bits and pieces to make it work and I'm looking to have it fully engineered and road worthy from what i have looked into i should be able to do so
  2. Why doesnt this site let me post in the market place section its doing my head in I have done it before the exact same way as I'm posting this Canxany1 please help
  3. Seems I can't post on wtb I'm after an ac setup to suit my 78 ke30? Located nsw central coast willing to travel or pay postage
  4. Cheers rian thats exacly what I'm after I'm going with the ae86 coilovers with custom strut tops and custom knuckles with that hopper kit I'm going with a custom rear end setup done by curley thanks for your help guys
  5. I read u can put Carona hubs on them are they 5 stud and is it a direct swap?
  6. Hi I have been looking into convering my 1978 ke30 from 4 stud to a ford 5 stud for the plain reason I want to fit a set of 5 spoke 5 stud 17" show wheels and also want some 300mm front disc brakes too what is the best and easiest way to convert it to 5 stud hubs front only without fabrication work Or does any1 no of good japanese coilovers with 5 stud hubs and 300mm disc brake set up with 4 piston callipers I'm after a direct bolt in sort of thing don't want to have to fab anything Planing on putting 4g63 in it but want to have suspension, brakes and drive line sorted so its ready for the power that will be thrown at it
  7. Were did u get ur camber top plates from or what are they off can't seem to find a supplyer and wher did u get ur strut brase
  8. This is the page I found its not cheap but its quality here is the link http://speedwhore.weebly.com/index.html
  9. What did it come out of I'm interested in the 5 speed will it be direct bolt up to ke 55
  10. Hey guys I'm after a suspension and brake setup for my ke30 sedan I'm going to have 17" rims under it and am looking at puting a 4g63t in it but want to do all the suspensil and brakes diff ect before I start on the motor so the running gear is all ready for the moror atm I'm just looking for the front coilovers and brakes as I'm undecided on which diff to go for I'm thinking tein coilovers with brembo brakes basicaly beacause of there good name but will consider other brands I want to have the car engineered so don't want to cut corners if any one is selling a setup or even knowes some one that is that would be great or even if its just coilovers or brakes (not a kit) but It suits ke30 would b awesome cheers I'm after a price and availability and location Info and input of thoughts are welcome
  11. With the 4g63t in the ke30 is it the same set up as u did on the ke70 and are u able to make ruber engine mounts for engineering? I'm looking at doing the 4g63t in ke30 with a general motors t56 gearbox with belhousing adapter I found a place that does the kit and everything I wil need to have everything bolt to motor
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