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    adelaide Nth SiDe, australia
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    playing with toyotas .lotsa music , my Ferrets Dobby & Dweezil ,racing & winning in the GT4 , project '70's retro bulid on the KE30.,and being on earth for a good time not a long time .

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  1. Hey Thanks Guys ..still putt'n around Mick :S
  2. where to get a NEW pair please or will a later or other model fit ?. local auto shop tells me there not listed anymo :S
  3. KE30 sedan JAP rear end drum to drum in Adelaide adelaide north side Contact:PM
  4. mate ill have 9. ke70 4 k cllutch fan & 12 the ke55 discs cheers pm me postage to 5125 SA TA
  5. Parts Desired:KE70 clutch type Rad Fan in SA if poss. Your Location:Adelaide Contact: PM or reply here TA
  6. mate interested ! carby is a weber ? size ? I'm in adels' cheers dave
  7. ToDa30/4


    LOL cheeky ,not seen u again ,you must be hiding :lolcry:
  8. ToDa30/4


    Spotted KJ's rollas coming to help me out stranded with a fuel problem . :hmm: CHEERS Mate :y: . got the poo car home . now the fixing part ;) where to start :)
  9. No cruz for me . the ke has developed a miss on the way back from reynella this arvo ,time for new plugs & points :)
  10. I'll See uuu's at bunning 7.30 ish
  11. ToDa30/4


    :cool: yay , i was in this , the front is primer & white now
  12. ToDa30/4


    not u aye , main noth rd ,grove way lights .was a girl driving dark hair , i was behind & i turned right onto grove way , u got a twin :cool:
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