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  1. Unfortunately, the time has come to find the next home for my Restored KE15. Some of you may remember the original build by Homer. But some changes have been made to improve performance, handling and reliability. Car is fitted with a 4AGZE (supercharged), with custom under over radiator intercooler. Suspension upgrade to adjustable coilovers and custom strut bar. A front swaybar has also been added. Brakes have been upgraded to KE70 rotors and calipers on the front and Celica drums on the rear. Battery has been relocated to the boot to allow for a larger unit to be installed. Bonnet, roof and front guards have had rust removed and have recently been repainted. The interior is comfortable with custom leather interior and Bluetooth stereo. The car is currently registered in Queensland and has modification compliance certificates for Queensland, Victoria and NSW. The full certification report required for NSW, all 13 pages of it, will go with the car to make registration easier if required. Currently located in Townsville QLD. May be able to assist with transport in the right circumstances. Asking $25,000.00 ONO.
  2. So… I was very very fortunate to get this car off Homer in February this year. I promised updates… and it's better late than never ;) When I picked the car up, he didn't have a name. This just wouldn't do so he has been christened Harvie. As soon as he got the car home we started rectifying a few issues the car had (and before anyone gets on a soap box, Homer was very upfront and honest about everything before I bought the car) such at the car's tendency to overheat. A new thermo fan and a few other tweaks and the problem was resolved to a point. In the new year the car will be going in to have a new radiator custom made to make the very best of the very tight space and hopefully resolve the overheating issue for good. There were also some other small changes that needed to be made for the differences in regs between VIC and NSW. After three long weeks of playing the lovely game with NSW Roads and Maritime Service and getting the car to pass the 'driving' emissions test (second time lucky - thank you E85), and with a few very small structural changes to make my very helpful Engineer happy, he officially became a NSW resident. The only other issue I have had was I had to evict a very annoying electrical gremlin that was determined to ruin the fun of driving by depriving me of fuel whenever they felt like it. Since then Harvie has been a very enjoyable daily driver. And because I can't leave things allone, a few weeks ago I installed a front sway bar (after I finally found one, Signature Sway Bars in Sydney still have the template to make them and had it made in 4 weeks). The improvement in the steering and handling is incredible. If any one is looking to do one thing to improve their car, it should be that! I have also changed the front springs to softer ones to accommodate Sydney's wonderful roads. The plans for the new year are to have the car engineered in QLD… :bash: Then the radiator. The tiny fuel tank's days are numbered as well. I will be replacing it with a custom made tank to try and improve the range. 25 litres does not get you far in North Queensland, which is where the car is now. I'm also going to move the pump and filter inside the tank as part of the fuel system overhaul. Other than that, who knows what i will try to mess with next :yes:
  3. Sorry, both the indicator switch assembly and the mirrors are sold.
  4. Bump. Still Available. Make an offer. I need this stuff gone, and do not want to see it go to the tip! Thanks.
  5. Hi All! I am very pleased to be the new owner. Have been very busy getting the KE15 engineered and registered in NSW, as well as continuing to run with the KE17 project. The KE17 is now my daily drive with a fare degree of reliability (fingers crossed every morning, but wouldn't have it any other way :D ). For those interested, I will be updating the build thread for the 15 in the coming weeks. Thanks to Harvie for parting with his much loved car. I know it was not easy.
  6. The manifold is not broken, it bolts to the exhaust manifold, which makes the other part of the hole. This is why they appear to be broken. Just like a Holden 6 set up.
  7. Hey, You can't have the one off the engine, but I have two others. PM me you number and i will give you a call with details. Thanks
  8. Hi, Located in Windsor NSW, 2756 This 4K was removed from a KE15 SL. Has a 4 speed manual box attached. Was running when it was removed from the car. Will probably require a rebuild. $50 I am open to offers as I need the space. BADLY. Contact by PM please. Thanks.
  9. Some parts still available. I need the space. Thanks
  10. Lani

    Ke20 Parts

    I have a rh door in Sydney. PM me if you are interested.
  11. Hi, I am after a KE20 Steering column to pair up with the KE20 front end I have just fitted to my KE17. I have some KE20 parts to swap if you are interested in them. Happy to pay for postage from pretty much anywhere. Any help in finding one would be appreciated. Thanks. Lani
  12. Hey, any chance you have a KE20 Steering column?
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