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  1. Hi, heres the short story, i have a light blue slant front ke70, i had an accident over the weekend, my ke70 now needs a new front end. i am looking for another complete light blue ke70 with a good front end, which means good guards, bonnet, grill, headlights, bumper, radiator, radiator support etc. I'm not fussed about the rest of the car, it just needs a good front end. thats all. have cash. let me know if you have anything of interest. i would have posted a pic of my car but computer says no. please email me pics of what you got, and i'll reply ASAP. my email is [email protected] thanks for your time
  2. hey mate, never got your private message. mates keen on the louvre
  3. hey mate. i have a friend by the name of mick who is interested in the rear louvre. he was wondering if its still available and if it has any cracks in it. if it is available still and has no cracks please private message me your phone number and i'll get him to call you. thanks
  4. i have found what i was looking for
  5. PS3: Medal Of Honour $10 Motorstorm $10 Battlefield 3 (steelcase) $10 Need For Speed Undercover $10 PS2: Futurama $5 World Rally Championship $5 Sims, Bustin Out $5 Driver Parallel Lines (collecters edition, steel case, soundtrack cd) $20? PS1: Tomb Raider 1,2&3 (collecters trilogy boxset) make an offer all games worked fine when i last played them, which was ages ago. buyer collects from wandin, yarra valley (outer eastern suburbs) victoria, need some extra cash to register my ke70
  6. ok, thanks. i want the car to handle, and not just around nice smooth flat race tracks like calder. for handling I'm proberly much better off going to an sr20 or 4age. or something else along those lines.
  7. could i manage to slot a aurion v6 into my ke70 and still be able to keep the handling characteristics? and keep it street registered? rego isnt a must, but handling is. i like to be little different. I'm pretty sure a drifter slotted one into his ae86 and had his car featured in PI magazine
  8. importmonster.com.au (aaron klaver) or iron chef imports (kristian appelt) they are both well known in the australian jap car scene
  9. i had my '84 ke70 go through a rwc today and the mechanic knocked it back on a leaking front strut and a few other little things, I'm going to replace both of them with new ones, all i would like to know is the good brand names. i already know I'm going to do a fair bit of fast paced dirt
  10. hmmm, ae86 bodykit on a ke70? was it a straight bolt on job? if not how much work is required? ive got a slant nose ke70 and i like the ae86 bodykit on that yellow rolla
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