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  1. Pure bliss .... i have spent the last 4 months in brisbane while my son has been having heart surgery so planing my next build for my ke30 and looking at either a 1jz or and rb20 only for road leagle bu11sht any way now after seeing this i just want to srtip it back and do it exactually how i want and not just drop and motor in and go and leave it look old and tired inly problem is it will be behind my custom lux build and my new 2j soarer/toy/race car lol ....keep up the overrated work keen to see some vids
  2. Just be different is all and maby rally/ kahana cross just be eaiser to change spring rates and that sort of thing to suit the track .... i have coil converted a few hiluxes and that but they have a full chassie was just a thaugh is all coz i have a few ke30/55/70 sitting in the yard
  3. Hey guys just wanted to know if any one has swaped the ke70 rear coil set up and diff in to a ke30 Cheers
  4. Hey guys juat thaught this would be the quickest way instead of trolling through heaps of pages I'm after a 5k-c or a 7k-c Soul purpose is to replace my 4k-ct And put the turbo set up on that with my 5 speed so pre much a swap and go Let me know whats out there Cheers
  5. Any luck on the 12/13b to ke30-ke55 yet bud getting really keen would love to know for turbo clearence as well thanks pm me if any thing soon
  6. If u do a 12a/13bto ke30 plz let me know asap as I am looking at doing that but seeing the ca18det kit is tempting or the evo to ke as well great work btw
  7. I know this has been asked a million times but I know thear r heaps of people who have don't this I'm just looking for any thing I should know and any photos of mounts or any thing that can help me with my build as I'm slowley slowly getting all my parts together that I can think of this sort of build is easy to me as well but I just want different ideas to help me make the right decisions
  8. Looking for info and and pics to help with my project
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