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  1. Selling my 5K Engine... Unfinished Project... Block has been bathed, crack tested and decked by Jack's Brothers in Underwood... New double row timing chain and tensioner, Hoses, Oil filter, Thermostat gasket and Radiator Cap. Genuine Parts include, Head Bolts, Rocker Assembly Bolts, Head Gasket, Main Seal, Cam Seal, 45mm Welsh Plug and Spark Plug Stems x10 (spares). $600 ono
  2. Keihin CVK-36 Quad carby setup for 5K Engine... Bought them for my 5k project that never eventuated... $500 ono
  3. OEM Twin Carby inlet manifold suits 3k,4k and 5k... $80
  4. Set of three brand new engine mounts to suit 93' corolla liftback... 4AFE $120 AUD shipping included within Australia PM me for more info
  5. Still got the water pump? Nevermind... just noticed no postage!
  6. Some pics would be awesome, exactly what i'm looking for
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