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  1. hey guys...i am just a few weeks from summer break and i have to start looking for a job.....i am gonna do some changes/mods to my ke70 with ca18...This are some ideas : 1) Swapping in a gearbox for the ca18de 2)swapping in a ca18det (depending if my budget allows) 3) swapping in an SR20DE (manual) I am leaning more towards the 3rd option ..... Fat Bastard has been giving some good info.....
  2. also what bout the cross members...were they custom made or did u have to do a slight fabrication ??
  3. was the SR20 vvl hard to install and how was the fabrication for the engine mounts??..was the wiring tricky??...what did u use to actuate the solenoid for the vvl??
  4. got back my car and here is what i did: engine: changed timing belt change alternator belt swapped in NGK platinum tip tune it used synthetic oil sealed a piece of the tappet pan rubber car: changed rear shocks to tokico gas changed front disc pads changed drum brakes pad added new brakes fluid the engine working REALLLY top class now....i love it.... when summer comes i gonna see what next i can do...
  5. took my car for a tune up..not getting it back until tomorrow...the mechanic said he will look into the diff for me....
  6. the hilux diff offers good results??...it holds up well to the SR??...a silvia diff would have been too wide to fit u think??
  7. hey guys gonna install a fuel pressure regulator soon....its supposed to be set at 28psi right??...should i put it a bit higher so that the engine wont lean out or starve for fuel??
  8. i tried finding out what type of diff my ke70 has but to no avail....the owner's manual didnt have it ( or perhaps i overlooked it somewhere)...can someone help me out here??
  9. thought so about the diff with an SR20.....i read a thread concerning hilux diffs....the older ones are better to use since their ratio varies from 3.5 to 5.3 ( can't remember exact numbers).....
  10. yea...with single cams i believe......4age bottom end is tough...
  11. 4age head + 4ac bottom end = 4age 16 valve engine...am i right?? ..i second that....shouldnt the AE 71 and AE 72 parts be interchangeable also??
  12. ooo right...pressure plate,release bearing,clutch...all of that suppose to come with the gearbox right??...someone on one of my local forums suggested the axles and springs....
  13. is this what i need for a auto to manual swap? gearbox shifter mounts manual axles manual springs crossmember pedals master cylinder slave cylinder ca18de manual ecu anything i missed out???
  14. thanks KE70kid.....7shades is right..the ke70 already has an ca18 in and it would be easier to swap in an SR....soo I'm sticking with swappin in a gearbox to the CA18 or taking that out and putting in an SR...gonna talk to my mechanic this weekend....if i swap an RB20DE(T) gearbox with the CA18DE,can't i just swap in either an CA18DET or SR20DE(T) engine only (later on though) since the RB20 can handle the torque??
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