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  1. Anychance you could send a photo through?
  2. Looking for a set of backing plates for akebonos of a ke15 (I think). Located Brisbane, more than happy to pay for postage. $30 for the set.
  3. hey mate do you still have the brake upgrade for ke10? what are the akebonos off?
  4. Hey all looking for a pair of scuff plates for my Rolla. Must be straight, will pay for postage to brissy. Cheers.
  5. Hey all, So I'm looking to get the passenger and driver side seats restored and repaired in my ke10. I've never done it before and I was wondering if anyone knew of any places around Brissy that have a good rep. Cheers.
  6. Looking for akebono calipers and backing plates off a ke11 or an SL sprinter. Willing to pay post, pm me if you have a pair. Cheers.
  7. yeah saw that the other day. thought it was for a 55 though :/ Is that your gear?
  8. Yeah sounds good. Do you know if they will bolt onto ke10 struts? Or will I have to get 20 struts?
  9. Hey taz, how much for the plates and postage? Keen to get them ASAP. Cheers
  10. Because I'm fairly new to this forum and don't know what the process is. Seems fair to state a price if you're looking to buy something.
  11. Chasing two ke55 calliper plates. Need ASAP $30 for both preferably in Brisbane. Cheers.
  12. Hey all so the driver seat in my ke10 is completely buggered, the side bracket where the back rest joins to the seat has been completely torn apart and no longer holds the back rest in place. I have been looking for a new seat for a while but 0 luck. So I was wondering if anyone knew a place in the Brisbane / Gold Coast area that would be able to repair it. Any help would be epic as I'm pretty over driving with no back support haha. Additionally if you have a black driver side seat that you are willing to part with I'd be happy to buy it. Thanks people.
  13. Hey styler, thanks heaps for your help. Pretty sure i got some off a ke55 coming :D
  14. yeah sorry don't have the callipers on me atm, I bought the struts from a guy who said they were out of a ke10. I searched the whole bendex book, I left them with a guy in mcgreggor and the pads arent made anymore so I'm just going to go with a later calliper. Any suggestions? When I get the callipers ill take a pic if you like.
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