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  1. AE82 Whiteline rear adjustable swaybar. Pick Up Only Browns Plains $50 firm
  2. Damn, after much stuffing around today sorting threw spares, both my 2 door sedans have diff front and back seats fitted. 1 back base 4 door 45 degree cut corner 1 back base 2 door tight round base 1 front seats approx 100mm thick top cushion edge (slimmer altogether but sportier like older celica?) base seat thinner. 1 front seats 4 door approx 135 thick top cushion edge, definatly chunker seat including seat base. Oh well, think ive sorted it
  3. Very nice car. From the photo, the longchamps appeared to suit it.
  4. Thanks for the replies Bruce/Parrot, really appreciate your efforts. I had a strong feeling that 30 2 door/4 door sedan cushions where the same shape. Ive contacted the guy who makes the skins so hopefully I can get on with ordering.
  5. Hoping someone can tell me if there's a difference between KE30 and KE35 seats. Are the back seats the same shape. I'm wanting to buy seat skins from NZ and was hoping the KE35 skins listed in the link below will fit my ke30 seats. Ive got a ke30 2 door. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/65430-ke2-te2-door-cards-ke2-te2-ke3-te3-te22-and-ra21-fb-seat-skin/
  6. 4AGE bigport manifold cut n shut bare manifold. Never used it. $60 pick up only. Browns Plains area.
  7. KE30 2door sedan door skins? Also have you got an image for the TE31 skins?
  8. I took a gamble and bought a $130 alloy AE71 radiator for my ke30/4AGE conversion on ebay. In the car a year now and its fine. Made up 2 adapter plates so I didnt have to drill holes in the KE30.
  9. Broke it trying to change my email address to the miss's about a week ago ( both hotmails ). No email sent to validate. Maybe she jinxed me so I would stop spending money on corolla's. Ill just use this new profile. all good, cheers
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