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  1. Question, what diff can i use in my ke70 that can handle the power of a factory sr20det black top that wont blow blow my bank. 💀
  2. Cheers mate, but wheres the fun in someone else working on your project, but maybe ill take your edvice and head to he forest to drink those unicorn's blood >:) ETERNAL LFE!!!!!
  3. @Banjo I want the body bare metal with only a layer of clear coat look. so ill need to fill in the dents with metal (if they're are any dents), but my question is, is it even possible to get those new fill ins' to blend in with the origanal metal in a way that you can't tell those spots have been filled in?
  4. OK, so say you want your project car to be bare metal on the roads. Now you strip back the paint only to find there are some hale size dents in the rear quarter pannel and chips on the gaurds...... 😞 How do you fill in the holes and make the metal it look original again? Cheers. ==O|-[_]*[_]-|O==
  5. hey mate how huch do you want for your car?
  6. sweet thanks heaps for all the help guys! ill defs give the stock sterring a go first :D LEGENDS!
  7. thank you, Dave much appreciated! and Parrot, never! it will be a stock looking baby blue sleeper zzZ :) @parrot @ke70dave
  8. Hey guys just wondering, say i want power steering in a sr20det ke70. What is the best way i would go about that?
  9. HEY GUYS, anyone out there got a ke70 flatfront shell they don't want.. can pick up! located round NSW... gonna build it nice, real nice. Thanks, A green bucket.
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