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  1. So that play and movement in the spider gears was probably meant to be there then? Haha i just assumed complete lock would be the goal. Although, some of the welds had definately snapped. Ill be replacing it with the hilux diff thats in my parts car once the new motor goes in so i guess its not too much of an issue for now
  2. Alright, not a great deal had been happening until yesterday. I blew the welded diff early last week which was bound to happen sooner or later. After pulling the diff out last night and openning it up it wasnt hard to see why. One of the spider gears went due to no penetration on the welds and slag all over the thing. So got another welded diff off a mate of mine for free, auto diff so its 4.11s instead of 3.9s ???? Openned it up to inspect it, and I'm glad i did because half the welds had snapped and there was a fair amount of play and movement in the spider gears... not any more ???? Just need to give it a good clean out and its ready to go in. Also picked up a few more goodies. Xt130 LCAs Ae86 hubs and p/s arms Bearing kits and new wheel studs. Currently prepping it all for paint as they all looks pretty weathered. Should be getting AJPS tie rod ends this week and rose jointed caster rods. Ill keep you all posted!
  3. New horn button installed this yesterday. Also finally finished removing the plastic door guards, did plugs and leads and cleaned the dizzy cap terminals. By the looks of things it had been a long while. Bumper mounts this week.
  4. Oh ok, they did mention they had just redesigned certain aspects. Apart from the buttom 50mm which holds the actual stub axle, that whole lower leg is welded on and part of coilover. Is the height set in the photo the same as what it is in the car? Got a photo?
  5. Man your car is so awesome! Love the colour! And looooove the fact its a 2 door. Kind of jelous to be honest haha Ride height looked perfect in that photoshop a couple pages back too
  6. can't believe i hadnt found this thread til now, awesome stuff makes me want to turn mine into a 2 door!! How long did the process take you?
  7. Thanks man, ive always been really intrested in restoration and just wanted to practice getting my technique down so i took my time, and I'm glad i did 😊 But once the front guards are flared and painted, and my suspension and steering is set up, ill be turning my attention away from the body and to getting the new motor in and the rest of the driveline set up
  8. I provided my own ae86 lower leg and stub so they didnt charge any extra. What do you mean their normal production ones? Whats the overall length of the entire unit?
  9. Picked up these gorgeous things last friday???? Production quality is absolutely amazing! Many thanks to Chris and Brett from Shockworks. Ive installed the rears and its sitting (and riding) considerably nicer. The whole rear end really needs to.be stiffened up a lot, bent panhard rod and toothpick factory sway bar really not cutting it. Still gathering coin for brakes, hubs, replacent RCAs, and knuckles. Hopefully only a few weeks away. In the mean time ive given my rear bumper a bit of a tidy up and will start making the mounts this week. Here's a bit of a test fit ????
  10. Applied paint a couple days ago, pretty happy with the outcome ???? don't get me wrong itsfar from show quality but I'm happy with my efforts. Before: After: It will need to be wet sanded to blend and then cut and polished but i will leave the paint to cure for a few weeks.
  11. A little update, finished repairing all the rust on the rear rhs, currently in final primer and will recieve colour on the next couple days!???? I also finally got tyres on the new rims which arrived a couple weeks ago. Work equip 01 with 195/45r15 Kumho ku31 tyres, i was hoping to find toyo t1r's in the same size but i got fkd around massively by a certain tyre supplier so i settled for the kumho's. Ive heard mixed opinions on them but i guess time will tell if theyre any good. Also took the old girl for her first drive in almost 3 months, such a good feeling to have it back on the road and suprisingly running pretty well! Last time i drove it it was bogging down under heavy acceleration so a mate and i had a little fiddle with the carbies a few weeks ago. Still could use a bit more tuning but this will do for now. In other news -Coilovers still being made -Ra60 rack end acquired -t18 rear bumper acquired, need to make bumper mounts -"TEQ" horn button in post ???? Need to get ae86 hubs and brakes sorted now. I was thinking of getting the billet ae86 racing hubs from t3 because theyre pretty much the same price as the oem ones they offer, but are light and come with bearings. As for brakes I'm leaning towards the rx7 kit from ajps, will probably be worth while once the car is boosted. What do you guys reckon?
  12. Started repairing the rust section under the right tail light on the weekend. got as far as welding in the clean section i cut off the shell. I don't know why the photos keep flipping upside down, i tried rotating then before i upload them.and they still remain upside down. Anyway, my AE86 struts should be arriving today, ill be disassembling them tonight and taking the bottom leg to shockworks so they can make a start on my coilovers... I also bought shell number 3 last week ???? I salvaged what will make up most of my fuel system (surge tank, efi pump, low pressure pump). Also a large (22mm from memory) front sway bar, catch can and a few other bits and pieces. The rest of the shell i have given to a mate who's also starting a build.
  13. Sweet thanks dude ill start hunting for some ra60 gear
  14. Who wants to play a game? Dodgiest suspension and steering set up wins. Xt130 sleeve kit which gets nowhere near enough low. Extended tie rod tube and lca, cut rca (to accomodate bolt size?? Fk knows...), and that sway bar link ???? fairly impressive stuff if i do say so myself. Had a chat to the guys at Shockworks yesterday, won me over with ease after being taken for a spin in a customers AE86. Ill be ordered new coilovers and adjustable rear seats/springs in the coming weeks. So homies, looking for a pair of 86 struts asap!! To be used as the platform. Help a brother out ???????? Will also be investing in some AJPS tie rod ends, kelway knuckles, lock spacers and new rcas. Probably also a whiteline sway bar up front while I'm at it and of course new sway bar link. A couple questions, What sway bar link will i need? Will i be able i be able use to factory ae86 tie rod tubes due to the ajps tie rod ends being adjustable? Anything ive missed or any recommendations please speak up! Cheers guys
  15. Nice find dude.. that strut brace is something else hey hahaha
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