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  1. Hi Ride looks awesome. Did you swap the 7k in it or you bought as it is. Need to knoe if you faced any problems while swapping 7k in it.
  2. Hi all I want to swap 7k 1800cc EFI version into my KE70 Corolla with 5 spd Gear Box. Pleass advise as it will fit bolt on or need to do some fabrication work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  3. Hello all. Was wondering about the engine swap ideas in KE70 as it would be a daily driver. Fuel injected 7k will be a good idea in my opinion as it will be bolt on to the gear box and foundations. What suspension do you all suggest? I want height adjustment on both front and rear. because my parking lot is 3 feet higher then road. car cannot go inside being lowered. I want the most economical system for suspension. May be just air bags and a tank plus compressor just to lift the car up and then lower it by deflating the bags. kindly provide your valuable feedback. kind regards Danish
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