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  1. I believe the main difficulty is the curved sections. It's not easy to have that kind of curves in aluminium pipes while having also conical section, as the shape of the section on the carburettor side is different from the shape of the head of the motor. It can be made in steel, but the steel will heat more and quicker, difficulting the intake process from what i've heard.
  2. Still looking for one. I've saw that one before, tried to contact the seller to gather more info and pictures of the manifolds but he didn't reply, and honestly, I'm not very comfortable in spending that amount of money in something I'm not well aware of. I'm also thinking on other solution. Remove the brake booster and my brake pump (ae86 one) and apply a universal and smaller one (maybe I can even apply it inside the car, behind the steering shaft for example) gaining precious space to allow two sidedraughts with filters.
  3. Looking for a 4.1 final drive or complete differential to fit in my starlet. I think that ratio came out on KE3# corollas. Seller must be willing to ship to Portugal. Thanks
  4. I already have one like that, not that pretty but it does the job... but now I was looking forward to improve the engine performance a little bit by adding another carb
  5. yep, but the cast ones are pretty hard to find and the machined ones are very expensive.... there was a company, chadil, that had them but despite the website is still active it seems that the company no longer exists...
  6. Looking for an intake manifold to use in a 4K engine with 2x weber idf or dellorto drhla (vertical carburettors), willing to ship to Portugal. Thank you
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