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  1. Engine had blown head gasket, but these heads are pretty tough, may just need a skim? $200
  2. My Ke20 Sedan

    I have a silvertop 20V running a standard 20V ECU on a modified loom. Makes great hp, uses very little fuel. Get the right ECU for the engine.
  3. Wtb Efi Pump

    DP Lol
  4. Wtb Efi Pump

    Thanks Casey, will see if a local one shows up first
  5. Corolla Parts Happy New Year guys, mine will be happier if someone can help me with the above...
  6. Wtb Efi Pump

    Hey guys, need an AE82 Twincam fuel pump, anybody wrecking a twinky in southern TAS.?
  7. Wtb Efi Pump

    Hey guys, need an AE82 Twincam fuel pump, anybody wrecking a twinky in southern TAS.?
  8. Te71

    SOLD :)
  9. Te71

    One of maybe 6 in OZ? Very rusty - have cut and welded all rust from front bumper to firewall, but there is lots to go. It's pretty much a bare shell, can make it a rolling one for an extra $100. Has all glass. Have a TE72 for spares you can have it if you want it. $200
  10. Ae82 With Silvertop

    Oh yeah, $2500 with 6 months rego.
  11. 1987 AE82 Twincam Seca with Silvertop 20 Valve. Just changed waterpump with genuine Toyota part. Goes fine, no leaks, overheating or coolant loss. 6 months rego. I didn't do this engine swap so know very little about it. Has stainless steel fabricated intake plenum on open trumpets so induction noise is epic, lol. Has rust in the usual spots (wheel arches mainly) 15" 5 spokes (could do with a couple of tyres). Has a few small niggling issues, but I am driving it 100 km per day with confidence. I have 5 cars and a bike, so I just can't justify keeping it...
  12. Silvertop Water Pump keep the non-understanding NAZIs happy posted here.... Need a Silvertop 20 valve front wheel drive spec (ie standard) waterpump. Anyone got a good spare they want to sell? No I don't want to buy one from the mainland. No, I am not being unreasonable. Mark