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  1. I guess i should update a little. First off, Corolla has been on hold, i have been busy with work and other more urgent projects. I'm currently stripping interior. Second, i bought another car, - 89 Kadett
  2. No BMW engines for me thank you Even bigger miracle would be if is current engine starts No its too ugly for that job😂
  3. Some kind of ratty drift style build, hopefully road legal. I am looking into budget engine swap options.
  4. Name: no name yet Car: 1982 Ke-70 Super(?) Motor & Driveline: stock(?) 1.3 with 4 speed. Engine condition unknown arm Suspension & Brakes: stock in bad shape. Brakes don't work. Wheels & Tyres: steelies with mismatched dryrotted tires Interior: mostly ok, some plants growing on front seats. Body: Whatever is left is in bad shape. Only body part missing os front bumper Other: Ongoing project, sat for 16 years. Plan is a ratty roadlegal driftmissile.
  5. Well, she is home. Turned out to be a 1982, 1.3 Super. And just about as rusty as i expected.
  6. Thanks. And btw its not getting a full restoration, not even a full respray.
  7. So here are my current vehicles 2001 Skoda Octavia combi, my daily driver and my 1st ever car. don't mind the rust on tailgate, it has been repaired after these photos were taken. 1984 Ford Escort 1.3 LX, my current project car. No big stuff planned, keeping it as original as possible because its a rare model. 1973 Tunturi 'pappa' moped, 'restored' some years back. Its not original, rear is from a newer style one and front fender should be same color with the engine cover. And then the reason I'm on this forum, this rusty pos of a Corolla. Its not mine quite yet, I'm buying it tomorrow Model year is still a mystery as it has no paperwork yet. Its fate depends on those, if it can be registered it will be fixed, if not it will be parts.
  8. Hi I'm new to Corollas, and Toyotas in general and I'm buying a Ke 70 that came up for sale for 100€ locally. The main problem is the car has no plates of paperwork to identify it, so i need to find the vin number. Where is it on the car? Its in really rough shape but complete, my plan is to get it back on the road if i can get paperwork sorted. I have some experience with cars (just revived a 1984 Escort, can post a link to video if anyone wants) , but not with locating vins as this is the first time i have had to do so. Thanks in advance.
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