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  1. Welding up the hole in the B pillar, and body panels being fitted.
  2. Everything is Mig welded. Tig is pretty, but I really don't have the eyes anymore, or the flexablity .
  3. Rear fire wall going in and a bit more roll cage.
  4. Thanks Dave. The rod ends are metric "LS" brand. Ive used them for many years in rally cars, had some big hits and they have never failed.
  5. New panard rod mount and diff pumpkin clearance mod done.
  6. More seat mounts and front x member mod.
  7. Seat mounts. Pedal mounts and diff mounts being made.
  8. Could there be a prize for a correct guess for what they are? 😁
  9. Roll cage starting to be fitted.
  10. Hi Dave, Yes its roll press that has different size dies for different size forming. Catching up this thread with the photos from waste book.
  11. Thanks Killar. Few update photos.
  12. Thanks Teddy, A few update photos.
  13. Thanks Rob. Its Craig here. You might remember this little guy I built a few years ago.
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