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  1. @altezzaclub it’s the first thing to do on my to do list. Just have to get the measurements and I’ll start then. I was thinking wood out of handiness, but for strength I’m thinking I might aswell just go steel
  2. This is my pride and joy. I bought it in May 2020 (Covid Boredom), it's a 1987 Toyota Corolla KE70 Wagon with 108,000 miles on the clock. The car was running and driving when I bought it, and was previously in a YouTube video on the former owners YouTube channel. It's silver with 50 shades of rust. It is currently a bare shell and I am hoping to start a thread in the project cars section soon enough with the full build starting from the shell to road legal.
  3. The sticker is on the bulkhead. The car is an 87 KE70 Wagon, it's a slant front at the moment but I would love to go KE74 front.
  4. @altezzaclub thanks for clearing that up, I had a feeling alright it was only in the drivetrain of older cars. It's my first time working on a pre-2000 car and I was just clarifying out of interest more than anything. I've never even seen asbestos as most of it has been removed here in Ireland. "With covid around any worries about asbestos have vanished!, that thought has also pasted through my head.
  5. Hi all , I’ve recently bought an old KE70 wagon that I’m wanting to restore, I’ve noticed under the bonnet there’s a sticker saying that the car can contain asbestos, I know that older cars has asbestos in the brake pads, clutches and some seals, I’m just wondering what else contains asbestos in the car? Does the interior insulation or car underbody coating contain asbestos? any help or information would be appreciated Shane
  6. Looking for parts for the front of my slant Ke70 Corolla wagon, I’m looking for a complete front (bumper, apron, headlights etc...), will also take a complete Ae71 front either. Must be able to be shipped internationally (Ireland). Will pay good money for good parts
  7. Looking for front fenders and front doors for an AE71 corrolla slant face
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