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  1. located at Toowoomba Listing for a mate EIO: prefer to sell or swap whole car but may part if theres enough interest. AE71 corolla project SUSPENSION:has s13 front end and s13 coilovers and sr turbo brakes with ae86 camber tops Falcon rear springs White line pan hard rod. Rear strut brace TRANS:t50 gear box ae71 manual tail shaft but not fitted ae71 gear box x member ENGINE: 3 rib big port 4age small port to big port manifold adapter plate small port cut and shut plenum fmic and all cooler piping brand new power sprit turbo brand new manifold. copy hks blow off valve ECU: full wiring harness and standard ecu locked borgwarner diff INTERIOR: is in good condition but front seats are different, brown rest is light blue. Nissan 240 rims body has some rust in usual places comes with micro tec lt8s if get good price is rego able and has almost every thing to finish and would make a mad streeter or awsome track car. swaps for somthing of interest, possably a 4x4 or $ 3500 as it Ono. contact Ryan on 0450 553814
  2. it is only getting listed this once and if it doesn't sell i will finish it when i get time
  3. not scary just f*cking anoying and it is at the mechanics at the moment and should be all fixed by today (sat)
  4. thanks Zowie.. i now need the money to get my challenger fixed as the harmonic ballancer came undone last night and caused over $1000 worth of damage (took me an hour and a half to drive 30km... drive for 2 min stop for 5 to retighten bolt drive for 2 min stop for 5 min to retighten bolt etc...)
  5. I am selling me 1973 ke20 (i have not had a chance to do anything on it for too long) where do i start ... 4k motor - 5 speed (i think) rust has been removed and new metal welded in lots of little custom touches engine bay painted metalic grey body painted metalic green (have more paint to finish the rest of the painting (front guard and bonnet) front and rear bumpers in vgc sports seats (not sure what they are out of) have an original front passenger seat rear seats in good condition have all glass polished tappet cover and timing cover good hood lining good dash pad inside and underneath of car painted with sound deadener/ stone chip protector late model stud pattern conversion done 5 slot jellybean mags (i can polish them for you if you would like to have them polished) needs rubber kit, grill and battery relocated have lots of spares including... 4k motor with 3k big bort head (suit rebuild) 4 speed gearbox and lots more also several tailshafts from different models (ke10 -ke30 so i was told) everything i have that is corolla related goes with it $2000 firm ...... too much blood, sweat and tears have gone into this to get it to this point as i am not on here much anymore please contact me via sms or phone on 0401094596 the car is currently stored at my fathers place at yandina and i have more parts at my place in tewantin buildup thread is here http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/60365-73-ke20/page__hl__%20flyinwall
  6. i have decided that i am going to be selling my KE 20 as i don't have the time (or the space) to keep going with it so i will be selling it for $2000 firm as you can see from this thread how much work has gone into it and i will be losing a lot of money with this price but i feel it is worth it
  7. well time has come for me to try and get some more work done on the ke20 as i have moved back to the sunshine coast and only just today i finally got the car up here from Toowoomba so hopefully there should be some updates happening soon and Zowie i am now down to 90kg
  8. down to 93kg (was at about 120kg at my heaviest) oh and i got me a new job now as well
  9. here is the pic you wanted zowie
  10. hey zowie should i put before and after pics up??
  11. does this mean i have to come over for a gander after work tomorrow
  12. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/4756_4670791739556_1248512090_n.jpg I'm happy to say that fat bastard in the background isnt as fat any more but he is moving away from toowoomba soon
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