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  1. Price drop $150 ono, take the [email protected]$ker off my hands please!
  2. Yeah still got it mate can send for $200 delivered let me know in pm cheers
  3. Parts: AE86 Pedal box + Clutch Master Cyl Condition: Used Price: 150 ! Location: Wollongong Contact: [email protected], here, 0409005714
  4. Vehicle information: KE30 Corolla Condition: Used, good condition, interior is immac, no motor or box as it was a project, but has rego till August!! Had very big plans, had a break up, moving out of the house, can't keep the car anymore and am shattered!! Price: 1000 ono Quick sale, come and get it!! Location: Wollongong Contact: 0409005714, here, [email protected]
  5. Might be able to work something out for you at the right price ;)
  6. Beauc

    Beauc's Ke30

    Whats the most suitable? RN series?
  7. Man i love that digital dash, is that factory?
  8. Beauc

    Beauc's Ke30

    Gave the J-port a miss, above reasons were alot to do with it, mate talked alot of sense into me the next purchase with be either a fc or fd front cut, will save alot of time finding all the parts i need and i can sell off the extra bits i won't use, next thing after that is finding a suitable diff most likley hilux don't want a r31 they are ratshit, and 9" might be over kill for a car that will probably do 11's
  9. Parts: T50 apparently from a ta22 with a t series bellhousing, rear is 20 spline Condition: Used Price: Not sure what its worth, throw some offers until i get a rough idea Location: Wollongong Contact: pm, [email protected] or 0409005714 Bottom one in this picture
  10. Beauc

    Beauc's Ke30

    Yeah it's not really a daily mate, my work is only 5 minutes away and i use an old sv21 to get to work. I was looking at bridgeys and that but i this one is smack on the dollar and its a fresh motor, i know they are a fairly aggressive port and are pretty much the biggest you can go before a PP and yeah i understand about the water jackets etc, i have to find out who built the motor etc first...
  11. Beauc

    Beauc's Ke30

    In talks at the moment about a freshly rebuilt 13b J-port :wink:
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