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  1. Corolla KE11 1969 5k (10,000km) 5 speed (10,000 km) Electronic ignition KE 20 front disc brakes and rear drums just replaced. Extractors 2 inch custom exhaust, sounds great Weber 32/36 carb Rare 3.9/1 rebuild corolla diff. New radiator / thermal fan. Interior great, soundproofing, dash perfect. Tinted windows Alpine stereo A/C, yes air conditioning. Coldest I've seen. Everything, repeat everything on vehicle has been rebuild or replaced over the last 18 years (80,000 km) since I've owned the car. Drives beautifully and easily buries the speedometer needle when pressed. Braking is great. I've spent quite a lot of time and money over the years to get the car to this level of reliability and quality. An extremely fun car that really does turn heads. Comes with standard registration and with roadworthy. Looking for an enthusiast buyer who will provide a good home. No time wasters please. Asking $14,000 or reasonable offer Kevin 041134165 Brisbane
  2. towbar65

    Ke10/20 Brake Part

    Thanks for the responses guys. As per usual, Peter Robinson came to the rescue.
  3. towbar65

    Ke10/20 Brake Part

    Crostek, I've tried drawing them but doesn't look like much. You can't miss them when you take the calipers off. Little wedges the size of a fifty cent piece. Two hold each caliper in place. If you have akibono calipers I can buy the lot from you. Please SMS 0411341695 to discuss. Cheers, Kev
  4. towbar65

    Ke10/20 Brake Part

    Thanks, I don't have them off at the moment but will see if I can draw something. There the two wedges that hold the calipers in place and have two small split pins to hold them from falling out. Cheers
  5. towbar65

    Ke10/20 Brake Part

    Hey guys, In desperate need of the little wedges that holds the front calipers in place on a KE20. Their the little cast pieces with cotter pins on each side. Two hold each caliper. Have no idea what their called. Will make it worth your while $$. Cheers Kev
  6. towbar65

    Rear Brake Drums Ke10

    Thanks, just started looking.
  7. Does anyone know where to buy new rear brake drums? Mine are probably to far gone to machine and I wanna do a complete brake job.
  8. towbar65

    Ke30 Air Con

    My KE11 has AC. Sourced brackets, compressor and under dash control from Peter Robinson years ago. Love it, very cold. Not too much fiddling. Put a big aftermarket condenser up front and after installing components, had my AC guru install hoses, wiring and receiver/dryer for about $400. Well worth it as I just spent 4 years up in Cairns. Not sure if any of that helps but finding the brackets is the key. Anything with a K engine and AC in wreckers means your half way there..
  9. towbar65

    Ke11 Clutch Cable

    Update to cable issue. Had a custom cable made today and wow what a difference. The new cable is a Teflon encased cable and tubing using the metal bits off the Thailand cable. The clutch feels completely smooth and even though the clutch is a heavy duty CI replacement, it feels as good as the old standard clutch. I think the extra foot pressure required for the HD clutch was beyond the standard cables abilities.
  10. towbar65

    Dash Cluster Lights

    Hey all, Thought I'd mention for all those who have complained about an overly dim instrument cluster (me included) on the KE1X. I managed to get a few 10w bulbs that fit and light the dash to where it should be. Their only slightly bigger than the original but fit perfectly into the mounts and cluster. I bought them on a recent trip to Japan at a bike shop and make the trip regularly if anyone is interested I can pick some up. Rollaclub has been good to me so I'd enjoy giving back. Apologies if this is an easily acquired item here in Aus I just haven't checked. Cheers
  11. towbar65

    4K Won't Idle?

    Hi there, Just wanted to write something on my experience. Have had my 5k ke11 for 15 years. Love it. Just put in a fresh 5K and rebuilt the K50 gearbox. Big fun. About 3 years ago I put in 2inch ehaust, extractors, geared starter and a life changing Weber 32/36 downdraft From a redline distributer in Seattle. High Aussie dollar made it around 400 bucks from memory for the kit. My only advice. Find a mountain and throw the Aisan carbs off it. I tried kits, jetting, multiple tear downs and am convinced that they are indeed SHIT. Sorry but true. The redline Weber was pre jetted for a 3/4/5K and after mounting the adapter plates and installing carb (custom throttle cable) which was straight forward, I was amazed it started right up and has run perfectly without a single adjustment. The only thing I've done with this latest engine change is port the 3K manifold to the adapter plate which made it even smoother. Want perfect idle, transition and top end? I can't see any alternative. Hope this is of value and not just further agrivating your hard trouble shooting. Cheers
  12. towbar65

    Ke11 Clutch Cable

    Bought a KE11 clutch cable on eBay from Thailand and it turned out to be a grindy stretchy poor quality excuse for a replacement. Almost dropped the gearbox again after doing a clutch job thinking it was something I did before discovering it was the new cable. Anyway buyer beware. Cheers
  13. towbar65

    She Wrecked My Ke10!

    Here's the crash
  14. towbar65

    She Wrecked My Ke10!

    For inspiration Restored in 1999. Kept for kids. Then daughter crashed. I was lucky to find the parts. Thanks Joel. And gave it a go. Frame straightening required. Finished product, better then before.