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  1. they are like rockinghorse shit over here in NZ i picked mine up CHEAP for $300NZ and when i got it, it turned out to be a factory cable item , instantly making it even more rare so i was told
  2. you think 10k is bad check out this link for a rota up for sale here in NZ ATM http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/C...n-244845930.htm
  3. you sir are mad!!!! i like it.
  4. good stuff can't wait to see some more in the progress of this car. also good to see an other kiwi on here I'm just down the road in dunedin. should catch up some time when you down this way or i up urs. reTRD(Brodie)
  5. progress finally... i have now finally fully stripped the front end, except the steering stuff . there is nothing in the engine bay at all and have it book into the sand blasters on friday to get the bay blasted as i am far far far to bloody lazy to sand that shit. and we have been dead at work of late.............. so i tool all my panel beating bits and bobs to work with me and have fully bear metaled 1 guard , got all the little dings out of it, etch primed and put a tiny skim of bog over the 2 bits thay needed it. tomorros job if we still quiet is to load it up with some 2pack ( not to be confused with 2pac :hmm: ) primer and have it all ready for a block down. should have car back on sat, or monday and i will start on the process of smoothing out the engine bay.
  6. i hope the $800 was new !!!! you can get a tidy chrome bumper over here for $100each with mounts and end caps. and to think i gave my last set away coz i was sick of tripping over them, am dumping a 4age, 2 k40's and a W50 tomorro because of that reason
  7. considdering they were wanting NZD$700 each for the kits we managed to get the price down as far as we could. and that price did include shipping from NZ to AU with shipping insurence covering to the value of $1950 and was sent via fast post. but at the end of the day you get what you pay for.....
  8. just find some1 that is wrecking a KE74 (high roof wagon) as they come standard with 5k's and T40's .take the bellhousing off that and you will be done.
  9. just brought some more quads picked up some blacktop ones on trade me for $50 oh how i love trade me
  10. my 2 new 5k's turn up at my place today, they are very rugged but i sure i can make 1 good 1 out of the 2 to sell to fund the build of the good 1 :sob: i got 2 mostly complete 5k's for the princely sum of.............. $52.50it has been said a few times " man i love trademe"
  11. blown5k came donw last night to pic up my t50 and bell housing to comvert it to cable clutch, i have since been told it already is :) (yus!!!!) and to get my quads and the mounting flange so he can start to mock up the intake manifold, so can't wait to see some progress on that but hey i am in no way in a hurry need to get more money 1st :bugeye: got an e mail from allen at endever engeering today with a pic of the progress being made on my gilmer crank pully. he has bored out the guts of it and replaced it with a steel center all in all things are happining slowly so i happy bout that i really need to sort my shit out and prep the engine bay but its just to cold out there with snow all around me o nthe hills so for now ill keep sittig my on bum infront of the heat pump
  12. oh shit hahahahahaha took you to point it out for me to notice hahaha
  13. do them silver dude don't take the focus away from the car with a funny looking gold center. when are you back in dunners for uni, still need to catch up like we said we would lo. cheers, Brodie
  14. 5grand will get you laughed at if u tryed to use that as a deposit over here ay :) (stupid NZ econemy!!!) we got turned down for pre approval to buy a house and we have 80k deposit. my motor going to cost so much because we are doing everything to it. including a solid lifter conversion new pistons the lot. and $2000 for the ECU to run the thing so that were the big hit of cash is going lol we are going for 100kWatw so its goign to be a weapon
  15. my T to K bell housing turned up the other day intime for my birthday. Best b day prezzy yet lol. i have given my motor builder $1100 to make a start on stripping down the 5k, only need an other $6500 or so :bash:
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