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  1. hey I'm selling a rolla if any wants it theres hardley any rust had heaps of work done to the motor also have sum mini super lites 15/7 if any one wants em

  2. need this gone fellas http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index....howtopic=410433
  3. well it was my mate that done it :D but need the heater working as i live in tassie and its coming up to winter
  4. i broke the outlet that goes in the fire wall for the water pipe :)
  5. hay guys i would like to no how hard is it to remove the heater core from a ke70? do i have to remove the dash at all? thanks
  6. come on guys i don't want to part it out so some one take it off my hands
  7. its not engineered mate but would not be hard to do i will sell the mags if i part the car out
  8. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/?showtopic=29695 linky linky
  9. Vehicle information: red ke30 lowerd 13x7 superlights good rubber ra23 struts with lowered springs bolt on flears on the front allso have the set for the rear just not fitted yet its running a low kms red top big port but its running from a small port ecu and aus spec t50 box comes with bride front seat Condition:body is not to bad a bit of rust in the roof and rear wheel arch Price:3000 ono Location:deloraine tas Contact: 0400793624
  10. i will have big arms if i keep driving it oh and the ke30 is going up for sale on the net tonight :jamie:
  11. next time i might bring my pano :jamie:
  12. didnt see a charade there dude lol you mean the ae92?
  13. was a great day guys next time i hope to have power stearing fixed and lsd box lol coz my arms are very sore
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