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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 4age, I believe is a small port with a MAP sensor witch means out of an AE92? It has the typical few leaks, tappet covers, sump etc Been trying to source gaskets and seals for it but am really struggling through the internet and places like repco. Most of all the 4age gaskets and gasket kits listed online and in stores are for cars like aw11 and ae82 witch are big ports (right?). so the basic question is will big port gaskets fit a small port? (apart from the intake manifold I'm guessing). And what other cars where released with my engine of future reference? also any good parts sites where I might be able to get them from? and has anyone else struggled to get a pug lead that goes from from the dizzy to the coil for a small port? they have like mini ends on them and i can't seem to find one separately, have to buy a whole plug lead kit? if so NGK best ones to buy or? thanks
  2. Hey guys and girls. I'm new here and have recently put a 4k in my Morris Minor. I replaced the head gasket not long ago and this is the first head gasket I've ever replaced. I thought I did everything right, cleaned off any of the old gasket, checked the head and block for warps with a feeler gauge, tightened head bolts in order and in the stages recommended and to the torque recommended. Followed everything I could find on what to do (and learnt a lot in the process, I have a new fondness for this engine now). Unfortunately she's now leaking extremely badly out of the exhaust. Not steam, just excessive water and will run too hot so I turn her off. It didn't leak at first, but in a couple of weeks (I don't drive it often or far) it started spewing water out. Be gentle, but after much thinking and looking over photos of what I did, I think I found out I'm a complete and utter idiot and installed the head gasket backwards as I didn't take note of which end was where when I took the old one off. Upon looking at images of the gasket, all the holes lined up but I've only just realised now that the two really curved ends of the gaskets have different curvatures. In the attached photo, which end is cylinder 1? The end with the two extra holes on the end and the extra curve (left in the image) or the end with no extra holes (right in the image). I'm ready to kick myself for this but I want to be sure before I take it apart again and guess I'll probably be needing a new gasket. Also, when (if ever) should the head bolts be replaced and where can you get them from? I'm not sure how often the head has been taken off and new bolts couldn't hurt if I continue to have issues. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all,was hoping to get some advice on a problem with what appears to be a gasket that goes between the inlet and exhaust manifolds which is partly missing (see photo). I have heard that you can get some exhaust repair paste that could potentially be a quick fix, but thought i would see if anyone else has had issues with this before (i haven't been able to find much info on this gasket, even the workshop manual i have doesn't seem to mention it in the inlet/exhaust manifold section). Thanks in advance
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