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Hilux Motor Into Ke


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I'm curious, would the 2.7lt hilux motor I think it's a 2tfe fit in a ke.


We have a work mate as a company car where I work and it seems to go pretty good, and takes some pounding from some of the boys at work lol.

I think it would be a sweet motor but unsure if there would be any problems fitting it.

Has anyone tried to put one in a roller or would it be too costly and too unknown as aposed to a 4age that has been done many times.


Just a thought,

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Are you talking about the current generation hilux 4cyl petrol motor. If so it is a 2tr-fe. I think it would be hard to find a cheap one without lots of km's on it.

Yeah that's the one maybe in a few years they will be cheap but due to almost all of them being used as work cars the km's would be high.

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