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  1. As previously stated, offers are not allowed on this forum. Please state a selling price or the thread will be removed. Regards Mods.
  2. Palmside in NZ has new commercial crownwheel and pinions. Reasonable price too.
  3. Merged. You don't need a new thread for each item.
  4. Which is now effectively bumping the old post. Stop it. There's not enough traffic on here that you have to do this, and all you succeed in doing is annoying the moderators. And you really don't want that to happen.
  5. Thread closed due to bumping more than every 72 hours, as per the forum posting rules. Feel free to repost again in a couple of days. Regards Mods
  6. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/71085-4age-carbies/
  7. Please stop being a tool. It's not making you look any good.
  8. The washing part is certainally worth it for being able to get it dirty. :)
  9. You'll punch the top out of the top mounts. Bracing won't cut it, you would want to fabricate turrets a la group 4 Escort fashion. Personally after racing a 25 for many years you'd be better off sorting a really good leaf pack set up. It's not a dark art.
  10. And still staying in the same state. :)
  11. They're a good thing. Can be a bit understeery though, particularly when things get tight. Given my occupation, you should hope that I know about things like that. Worked off those Bays in the early days of Virgin.
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