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  1. Hi, Yeah SSSSOOO many memories in this car and 18 years of collecting VERY rare parts. But time has indeed come. Its not been driven for ten years and resto slowed to a halt living over seas now so Time to let someone else have rear wheel drive light weight fun. Be hell of a car when finished. So priced to sell and yeha be a sad day to see this go missing from the lock up 😞
  2. For Sale: 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter with TRD Upgrades and Tons of Spare Parts Are you a vintage car enthusiast looking for a timeless classic? Look no further! It has come the time to sell my stunning 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter SL that's ready to turn heads and capture hearts. This beauty comes with an array of exciting upgrades and a treasure trove of spare parts. Features and Upgrades: Year: 1969 Make: Toyota Model: KE15 Sprinter SL Mileage: Low, considering its age (49,000miles) Engine: Factory twin cars sitting on a big block 5K with a HUGE cam installed, Custom made three core radiator. Cylinder head has been ported and rebuilt (by Precision engine reconditioning in Ipswich), Full custom exhaust system with extractors (Done at Scott's Rods Ipswich). Smooth shifting 4 speed box (floor never cut to fit a 5 speed). Brakes: KE70 brakes fitted, With Braided brake lines. Exterior: Classic Toyota lines with two tone orange and white paint. Car was repainted by original owner in his shed. So paint is flaking and tired BUT body underneath is in very good condition. Interior: Original with tacho dash, centre console, sports steering wheel TRD Extras Included: TRD Limited Slip Differential (LSD): Experience enhanced traction and better handling, allowing you to unleash the full potential of this classic beauty. Not fitted in car currently was rebuilt and clutches set ready to go. TRD Upright Kit 2x: Ultra rare kit to upright a K motor. Has oil pumps, manifolds, asbestos original gaskets, exhaust manifold. TRD CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition): Ignite the engine's performance with the reliable and powerful TRD CDI, optimizing spark timing for improved power delivery. TRD Green 8 way adjustable shocks fitted to car with polyurethane new bushes. Bonus Inclusions: Thousands of spare parts: Alongside this iconic 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter, I am offering an extensive collection of spare parts. Whether you're a restorer, collector, or simply an avid Toyota enthusiast, these parts will provide you with everything you need to maintain and restore this classic gem. Parts include but aren't limited to: Factory KE1X AC system with manual KE15 parts manuals, glove box manual and more engine parts - Cams (stock and reground), Sumps, Cranks, oil pumps, cylinder heads, manifolds, carbies etc 2x spare 4 speed KE1X transmissions panels and glass and exterior trims. This 1969 Toyota KE15 Sprinter has been a labour of love for 18 years. I am its second owner purchasing it from the original owner, and it's now ready for a new home. With its timeless design, exhilarating performance, and upgraded TRD components, this classic Toyota promises to offer a truly authentic driving experience. About ten years ago I rolled this car into a shed to start restoration. As I removed a part I restored a part! If I had a spare of part I also restored the spare. So I have HEAPS of high value items in bolt on restored condition like tail lights to panels. I started getting bare metal respray done in Light blue and all locks and stuff in satin black. All that stuff has been stored in a house dry and preserved. If you wanted to bolt on restored parts and this car will drive The CAM in the 5K is HUGE and was for a twin side draft setup WITHOUT a linked manifold. So car runs but grumpy as. However ten years ago when rolled into shed I had an ex throw the keys in the bin 😞 So should be noted car doesn't have original key now. But loads of spare key parts to make a key setup again for car. TRD parts worth a fortune alone. Extremely rare. Car stored covered in a dry location and restored spares in a dry house. I live over seas now and decided time to sell the car. Get in fast as Only here for a week. Price: AUD$17,000 Don't miss your chance to own this rare and coveted piece of automotive history. To schedule a viewing or for any inquiries, please contact us at +642041662227 or email [email protected]. Serious buyers only, please.
  3. Hi Cameron!
    I was just reading through your sportivo build and i was wondering what brand of battery you bought and from where?
    cheers bro

  4. don't happen to have 18RG oil pump do you?
  5. I will just throw spanner in the works... I always wanted to get a K block cut a key way in lifter bore. Key a roller lifter from a chev engine get a cam made to suit roller lifters and then install..... I once also ran a hydro cam on a solid lifter...once....I got 1km up the road dead engine.....
  6. Seems to be a slow market in QLD :( 5K for a sportivo with LOADS of goods is DIRT cheap....
  7. Hi Just spotted this thread. Ardrox 2526 I use at work to strip aircraft parts except we use it in a large tank heated to 90 degrees C.....Paint GONE in an instant. Long gloves and a breathing filter is a MUST with this one but it WORKS. So possibly a tip is heat up pannel pour on may work faster??? Just a thought. Also be ware this stuff disolves most plastics and rubber. So be very careful about where you get it around a car. A lot of sealers etc will just fall apart with this stuff super nasty to them. But other wise its the best :)
  8. ^^ SOld long ago mate. Saying that....I have a spare set of 3k factory twins. In storage in shed will consider parting with them.
  9. Selling my much loved and well looked after sportivo. Have decided to move so have to sell car. Link to car sales add: http://www.carsales..../SSE-AD-3984879 You can also see my rides thread. Car has been serviced every 5000km. Fitted with all the goods like: -leather seats -sat nav -floor mats -boot matt -boot scuff guard -and mroe Car also has many RARE TRD items like: -short shifter -front strut brace -rear strut brace -TRD fuel cap Along with this car has a few after market items to make it handle better and safer like: -upgraded rear sway bar -front aluminium cooling pannel -front under car aluminium tray -front lower strut bracing -braided brake lines -preformance brake pads -new brake rotors Car WONT disappoint. Very sporty and quick. P plate legal Get in fast Note car not sold with mags they were sold separately. Price: $4800ono Location: Ipswich QLD Contact PM or 0405244580 Pic:
  10. Parrot Didnt see this reply...Yes I still have the KE15. Its a bit sad atm but still unsure what will happen to that car..wreck...restor...sell etc.... Car is good for turn key go. But like all things they wear out so I'm jsut trying to keep this car neat tidy well looked after so it lasts a few years.
  11. UPDATES - Front Strut Brace and more So Purchased my self a factory TRD strut brace for the tivo. Simple easy to install. Front of these cars are pretty good so wasnt a HUGE WOW change in handeling characteristc but definate change after driving around all weekend. You will also note from photos I added a celica style 2zz engine cover. Much nicer I think. Before: After After this mod I though I should also do some general maintenance on the car. These are known for spitting out lift bolts and having issues so I though since I had not done it since buying car Id change the lift bolts. Piss easy 15min job IF they arent broken. Mine were like new so this car has probably seen VERY little use on lift....well till I owned it hahah Engine is regularly serviced by me 5000km. Before that must have been done regularly also as engine is CLEAN inside. Below is removed lift bolt: Well thats all folks. Enjoy. P.S. Greenmac80 I see you saw what I had writen about rear bar. If you want a quick one jsut get soem box steel and make your own but BEST change erver from any chassis bars so far well worth it.
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